July 2014 additions:
Unleashed/Dismember "The Demos"
Violent Force/Assassin "Nuclear War Conspirators"
Assassin "The Assassin... Live Forever"
Metallica "...And Justice for Woodstock"
Sepultura "Slaves of Pain"
Def Leppard "Warchild"

August 2013 additions:
Metallica "Capn's Of Krunch"
Metallica "Garage Complete (1981 - 1983)"
Danzig "How the Gods Play"
Dark Angel "We Have Arrived Over Belgium"
Dissection "ChaoSatanist Live"
Living Death "Vengeance Of Hell - Live in Frankfurt 10.09.1984"
Nuclear Assault "Live In Zwolle 1988 / Live In London 1987 / Demo 1986"
Onslaught "Live In Gateshead 01-12-1984"

October 2012 additions:
Trouble "Dallas, Texas, Alive!"
Iron Maiden "Maiden Ipswich" 2CD
Overkill "Live, The Stone, San Francisco, CA, 03-11-1986 + Demo 1983"
Megadeth "Live at Ferrocarril Oeste"
Megadeth "Smegma Breath"
Yngwie Malmsteen "Live Opus" 2CD

August 2012 additions:
Iron Maiden "The Eternal Flame"

July 2012 additions:
Black Sabbath "Shock Wave over Texas"
Black Sabbath "Turn to Glenn"
Black Sabbath "LAST GIG with RAY" 2CD
Black Sabbath "Los Angeles 1994" 2CD

June 2012 additions:
Fates Warning "Through Different Eyes"
Judas Priest "Painkiller Alive"

May 2012 additions:
Dio "Holy Birthday" 2CD

April 2012 additions:
Dio "Holy Gost Club" 2CD
Judas Priest "Live Bites '84"

March 2012 additions:
Black Sabbath "Tokyo 1980"
Bruce Dickinson "Ball Breaker"
Cradle of Filth "Sodomizing the Virgin Vamps"
Angra "Crossing" 2CD
Judas Priest "Obey Their Law"
Metallica "Live at the Stadium" 2CD
Metallica "Basement Blitz - Secret Gig 1987"

January 2012 additions:
Helloween "How Many Tears" 2CD
Mötley Crüe "Hate into Fire"
Dio "Spokane '84"
Helloween "Keepers of 87" 2CD
Iron Maiden "Number of the Beast Live"
Metallica "After the Sandman is Gone"
Judas Priest/Annihilator "Reunited 2004" 2CD
Yngwie Malmsteen "A Sign of Trilogy"
Mercyful Fate "Return of the Living Dead"
Sepultura "Fury from the Grave"

November 2011 additions:
Megadeth "Psychodale" 2CD
Riot "Far East Voyage - 1996" 2CD
Mötley Crüe "The Devil"

August 2011 additions:
Megadeth "Friday 13"
Megadeth "Halloween Party"
Black Sabbath "Gillan the Hero"
Black Sabbath "Black and Purple" 2CD
Manowar "Fight for Revenge"
Manowar "Kill with Power"
Iron Maiden "Killing Time"
Iron Maiden "Die With Your Boots On Part 1"
Iron Maiden "Die With Your Boots On Part 2"

July 2011 additions:
Iron Maiden "Scandinavium"
Judas Priest "Rising in the South" 2CD
Metallica "Hungarian Rock"
Y&T "Midnight in USA"
Ozzy Osbourne "Let Me Hear RR"
Metallica "More Than Just Metal"
Metallica "Rains of Blood"
Megadeth "Rattle Your God Damn Head"

June 2011 additions:
Ozzy Osbourne "Crazy Paranoia"
Black Sabbath "The Fundamental Church of Rock"
Metallica "Naughty Vol. 1"
Metallica "Naughty Vol. 2"
Sepultura "Live from the Jungle"
Judas Priest "The Ripper"
Judas Priest "Last Temptation"
Judas Priest "British Steeler"
Metallica "Horsemen of the Apocalypse"
Judas Priest "Return of the Magnificent Five" 2CD
Sepultura "Live Voltage"
Metallica "Terminator"
Metallica "Sick Of The Studio '07" 2CD

May 2011 additions:
Black Sabbath "Robbed in New Jersey"
Samael "Into the Infernal Storm of Evil"
Sepultura "Nailbomb"
Mutilator/Sarcófago "Satanic Holocaust"
Danzig "Not of This World"
Metal Church "Wicked Hymns"
Blind Guardian "Live in Japan 1995"
Queensryche "Queen of the Reich"
Impellitteri "Complete Tokyo Daze"
Metallica "Cliff's 1st Show"
Metallica "Last Caress"
Ozzy Osbourne "Let Me See Your Hands" 2CD
Megadeth "'99 Woodstock"
Megadeth "Black Shadows"
Savatage "U.S.A. 1990"
Judas Priest "The Priest is Back" 2CD
Megadeth "Youth In Japan Tour 1995" 2CD
Slayer "Rare in Blood"
Dio "Holy Evil"
Pokolgép "Koncert!" 2CD
Metallica "Live Metal Attack"
Metallica "The Unforgiven" 2CD
Carcass "Death'n'Roll"
Scorpions "Teutonic Terror"
Iron Maiden "Maiden Dynamo" 2CD
Iron Maiden "The Metal Years: 1978-1983"
Metallica "Europe 1987"
Slayer "Back in Blood" 2CD
Sepultura "Live Degradation"

April 2011 additions:
Angra "Live from Holy Land"
Running Wild "Black Demons on Stage"
Judas Priest "Fast & Furious" 2CD
Metallica "Acting Like a Maniac"
Angra "Angels of the Night" 2CD
Suicidal Tendencies "Waking the Dead"
Satyricon "All Evil Baroeg"
Sarcófago "Satanic Lust"
Iron Maiden "Another Live"
Helloween/Skin "Master of the Situation" 2CD

January 2011 additions:
Iron Maiden "Live In Reggio Emilia Italy March 31st 1981"
Megadeth "Ultimate Rare Tracks...But Who's Listening?"
Paradise Lost "Seasons of Sadness"
Dokken "Unchain the Beast"