The Ripper
Tracks 1-7 - Reading Festival, Reading, UK, Aug. 22, 1975
Tracks 8-11 - Slough College, Berkshire, UK, Oct. 11, 1975
Gypsy Eye 006 (GE003 on disc)
Given tracklisting: Correct tracklisting:
1. Victim Of Changes 1. Victim Of Changes (8:53)
2. Dreamer Deceiver 2. Dreamer Deceiver (5:28)
3. Deceiver 3. Deceiver (2:29)
4. The Ripper 4. The Ripper (5:17)
5. Father Mother Son 5. Mother Sun (9:28)
6. Island Of Domination ~
Guitar Solo
6. Island Of Domination/
K.K. Solo (7:56)
7. Genocide 7. ("Genocide" intro)/Rocka
Rolla (incl. Glenn solo) (12:37)
8. Victim Of Changes 8. Victim Of Changes (8:19)
9. Dreamer Deceiver 9. Dreamer Deceiver (5:49)
10. Deceiver 10. Deceiver (2:37)
11. The Ripper 11. The Ripper (5:17)

The earliest Priest material available on bootleg.

There's an audio oddity at 3:53 of track 1, and possibly a source change.

The first part of K.K.'s solo after "Island..." is basically an extended version of "Deep Freeze." "Rocka Rolla" starts out with an intro part that's more well-known as the beginning of "Genocide;" it also runs quite long with a Glenn Tipton solo and an audience call-and-response part. Both versions of "The Ripper" are early versions with some minor differences and extra touches compared to the later studio version.

The last 4 tracks are listed rather generically as London on the bootleg. Glenn introduces "Skip" (Alan Moore, who rejoined the band after the departure of John Hinch) at the end of track 11, which would verify the tracks as the Slough College gig.