All Evil Baroeg
Tracks 1-4 - demo 1992
Tracks 5-10 - live Baroeg, Rotterdam, Holland, Apr. 12, 1996
Demonicus Productions DP 666-6
1. All Evil (5:03)
2. This Red Sky (1:45)
3. Dreams Of Satyr (4:38)
4. All Evil (Shorter Version) (0:56)
5. Hvite Krists Dod [sic] (8:37)
6. Du Som Hater Gud (4:15)
7. Woods To Eternity (6:11)
8. Mother North (6:39)
9. Skyggedans (4:05)
10. Immortality Passion (8:33)

The cover picture of Satyr and the entire backside of the booklet seem to have been taken directly from the 7" pressing of the '92 demo.

I've always wondered if the demo tracks were broken up correctly or even titled correctly (for example, the "short" version of "All Evil" seems to have nothing to do with the longer track, and some of the tracks seem to end a bit abruptly). Since the bootleg audio (whether from the boot 7" or this CD) is so widespread, and Satyr would rather everyone forget about this recording, there's nothing out there to really check the bootleg against.

The live stuff is from the tour with Dissection and Gorgoroth. The sound isn't very good and the guitars tend to overpower everything.

There are brief volume dips at 5:05 and 5:15 of "Woods to Eternity," and at 2:30 of "Immortality Passion."

There seems to be a newer version of this bootleg that uses a different, plainer font for the title on the front cover. I haven't seen anything other than the cover so I can't make any other layout/content comparisons.