Live Metal Attack
Old Waldorf, San Francisco, CA, Nov. 29, 1982
Label unknown MA-01
1. Hit The Lights (3:12)
2. The Mechanics [sic] (5:11)
3. Phantom Lord (4:37)
4. Jump In The Fire (3:21)
5. Motorbreath (3:35)
6. No Remose [sic] (6:30)
7. Seek And Destroy (8:04)
8. Whiplash (5:00)
9. Am I Evil (Diamond Head cover) (9:04)
10. Metal Militia (6:21)

The bootleg starts well into "Hit the Lights," after the first verse.

The audio has a lot of noise and crackling, but it's not very intrusive. There is a constant clicking noise during "Whiplash" (making me think the boot was sourced from vinyl) that's somewhat annoying, but it's still not all that bad.

At 2:51 of "Jump in the Fire, the audio stops and jumps ahead in the song.

"No Remorse" fades out at the end. There's an edit after "Seek and Destroy" ends.

At 3:55 of "Am I Evil?," the left channel drops out briefly. At 6:49 the audio completely stops for a few moments. A bit after the song ends, the audio fades out during crowd noise and then fades back in.