The Metal Years: 1978-1983
Tracks 1-3 - from "Soundhouse Tapes" EP
Tracks 4-7 - BBC Radio One Friday Rock Show sessions, Nov. 14, 1979
Track 8 - Top of the Pops appearance 1980 (Nov.?)
Track 9 - unknown Paul Di'Anno live recording
Tracks 10-12 - from Bruce Dickinson audition recordings, Sept. 1981 (?)
Tracks 13-17 - live Westfalenhalle, Dortmund, Germany, Dec. 18, 1983
Kobra Records KRHM 003
1. Iron Maiden (4:03)
2. Invasion (3:10)
3. Prowler (4:23)
4. Iron Maiden (3:42)
5. Running Free (3:07)
6. Transylvania (4:01)
7. Sanctuary (3:44)
8. Women In Uniform (Skyhooks cover) (3:34)
9. I've Got The Fire (Montrose cover) (2:46)
10. Twilight Zone (2:38)
11. Wrathchild (2:57)
12. Killers (5:11)
13. The Trooper (4:15)
14. Revelations (6:09)
15. Flight Of Icarus (3:49)
16. 22, Acacia Avenue [sic] (6:24)
17. The Number Of The Beast (5:02)

The "Soundhouse Tapes" tracks are listed as being from Dec. 30, 1978, although technically they were recorded over the course of the 30th and 31st.

The BBC tracks are listed as being from Dec. 14th, 1979. While Dec. 14 was the airdate for Maiden's Friday Rock Show, the actual tracks were apparently recorded a month earlier. "Running Free" cuts off a little bit early.

Both tracks 8 and 9 are listed as being from a Feb. 10, 1980 Top of the Pops performance. "Women in Uniform" is indeed from the band's Top of the Pops appearance, which I think was actually in November. It would have to have been later in the year since Adrian Smith was already in the band for their appearance. There's some narration from a BBC announcer at the beginning and end of the track.

Track 9 is the same unidentified version of "I've Got the Fire" as on the "...Before the Exile!" bootleg. Again, since the actual song, stage banter, and audience seem to be mixed together from different gigs, I think this is an EP track, though I haven't identified which version it is. The live "Maiden" chants which precede "I've Got the Fire" actually start at the end of track 8.

The first three Dortmund tracks have edits between them.