Rare In Blood
Track 1 - from Less Than Zero soundtrack 1987
Track 2 - from Judgement Night soundtrack 1993
Track 3 - bonus track for Japanese version of "Undisputed Attitude"
Track 4 - bonus track for Japanese version of "Diabolus in Musica"
Track 5 - from Bride of Chucky soundtrack 1998
Track 6-7 - from "Postmortem" single 1986 (also on "Criminally Insane" single)
Tracks 8-11 - live The Palace Theater, Hollywood, CA, May 30, 1998
Tracks 12-13 - live Brixton Academy, London, UK, Nov. 9, 1994
Tracks 14-15 - live Solnahallen, Stockholm, Sweden, Dec. 16, 1994
Track 16 - live ????
Track 17 - live Mesa Amphitheatre, Mesa, AZ, Mar. 12, 1995
Track 18 - from "WCW Mayhem: The Music" compilation 1999
Track 19 - from Spawn soundtrack 1997
Label unknown
1. In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida (Iron Butterfly cover) (3:18)
2. Disorder (4:56)
3. Memories Of Tomorrow
(Suicidal Tendencies cover) (0:55)
4. Unguarded Instinct (3:44)
5. Human Disease (4:25)
6. Aggressive Perfector (New Version) (2:33)
7. Criminally Insane (Remix) (3:15)
8. Raining Blood (Live) (2:21)
9. Angel Of Death (Live) (4:57)
10. Mandatory Suicide (Live) (3:59)
11. Chemical Warfare (Live) (5:32)
12. At Dawn They Sleep (Live) (6:27)
13. Dead Skin Mask (Live) (5:20)
14. Divine Intervention (Live) (5:08)
15. Dittohead (Live) (2:44)
16. South Of Heaven (Live) (3:38)
17. Witching Hour (Live) (Venom cover) (3:00)
18. Here Comess The Pain [sic] (4:28)
19. No Remorse (I Wanna Die) (4:13)

Bootleg compilation of various non-album tracks. All of the studio tracks are just listed as "previously unreleased studio tracks" and no further information is given. Tracks 8-16 are (incorrectly) listed as ALL being from The Palace gig on May 30, 1998. Track 17 is correctly dated. Many of the studio tracks here have since been released in the "Soundtrack to the Apocalypse" box.

Track 2 is performed with Ice-T. It's a medley of The Exploited songs "War," "UK '82," and "Disorder," with changed lyrics.

In addition to their appearances on singles, tracks 6-7 were also added as bonustracks to newer reissues of "Reign in Blood."

Tracks 8-11 are live tracks from the Japanese version of the "Stain of Mind" single. I think these are the same versions that appear on the bonus live CD included with the limited version of the "Diabolus in Musica" album, but I'm not 100% sure since I don't have it.

Tracks 12-15 are from various versions of the "Serenity in Murder" singles.

Judging by the length, track 16 is probably from the live bonus disc from the limited edition of "Diabolus in Musica." If the tracks are all sourced from the same show, I would assume it's also a track from the May 30, 1998 gig, but I can't confirm this. At the very least, I checked it and I can say it's not from the Stockholm '94 gig.

Robb Flynn and Chris Kontos of Machine Head make guest appearances on track 17.

Track 18 later appeared on the "God Hates Us All" album.

Track 19 is a collaboration with Atari Teenage Riot.