Rattle Your God Damn Head
Tracks 1-13 - live McNichols Arena, Denver, CO, Jan. 29, 1986
Track 14 - original mix, from Combat Rec. "Bullets" comp. LP 1986
Track 15 - from Dudes soundtrack 1987
Bondage Music BON184
1. Rattlehead (partial) (3:32)
2. Wake Up Dead (3:28)
3. Chosen One [sic] (3:47)
4. Bad Omen (3:44)
5. Devils Island [sic] (6:51)
6. These Boots (4:01)
7. Killing Is My Business
...And Business Is Good! (4:07)
8. Peace Sells (4:42)
9. My Last Words (5:20)
10. Looking Down The Cross (4:51)
11. Good Mourning - Black Friday (5:33)
12. Loved To Death [sic] (3:59)
13. Mechanix (3:43)
14. Peace Sells (4:01)
15. These Boots (4:15)

Bootleg incorrectly lists the live tracks as being from Aug. 5, 1986.

"Rattlehead" is slightly incomplete as it fades in a bit into the song. The audio falters for a moment at 3:17 of track 6. "Looking Down the Cross" fades out.

"Killing..." is dedicated to Muammar Gaddafi, and Dave asks for a moment of silence before "My Last Words" in memory of the Challenger shuttle astronauts (this also helps confirm the date, as the Challenger disaster happened the day before).

"Loved to Deth" is played without the intro (based off Bach's Toccata and Fugue in D Minor--I have always assumed but never seen it confirmed that the intro itself is supposed to be "Last Rites").

Track 14 is listed as "Original Bullet Mix." It's an early mix taken from the Combat Records "Bullets" compilation LP with some minor differences compared to the album version. The vocals at the end are a bit different, and the "Bullets" version has more guitar sustain during the chorus parts.

Track 15 is listed as "Rerecording Version 1987," and it is indeed the re-recording done for the Dudes movie soundtrack. This was apparently done by the first two albums' lineup sometime after the "Peace Sells..." album, but before Chris and Gar left the band.