Black Demons On Stage
Tracks 1-8 - live Metal Hammer Festival
Freilichtbühne Loreley, St. Goarshausen, Germany, Sept. 14, 1985
Tracks 9-11 - demo 1981
Tracks 12-13 - from demo 1981
Tracks 14, 17 - live Germany 1983
Tracks 15-16 - 1983 recordings (for "Rock From Hell" comp. LP 1983)
(Tracks 12-17 are the material from the
"Heavy Metal Like A Hammerblow" demo 1984)

Tracks 18-19 - from "Death Metal" comp. LP 1984
Demolition Records 001
Limited to 500 hand-numbered copies
1. Diabolic Force (5:22)
2. Black Demon (3:56)
3. Mordor (5:01)
4. Preacher (4:57)
5. Victim Of States Power [sic] (3:02)
6. Genghis Khan (4:26)
7. Fight The Oppression (5:06)
8. Branded & Exiled
(+ Metal Hammer award speech) (7:58)
9. Hallow The Hell (1:31)
10. Warchild (2:30)
11. King Of The Midnight Fire (3:00)
12. Intro + Warchild (4:24)
13. Hallow The Hell (1:39)
14. Genghis Khan - Live (4:02)
15. Adrian (Son Of Satan) (3:45)
16. Chains And Leather (5:12)
17. Soldiers Of Hell - Live (3:19)
18. Iron Heads (3:33)
19. Bones To Ashes (4:59)

"Black Demons on Stage" was originally an LP bootleg (containing only the live '85 tracks); this CD obviously came much later and was done by different bootleggers. At least they didn't use the ridiculous cover of the LP version anywhere.

There are gaps between all of the '85 live tracks. "Mordor" has what sounds like vinyl surface noise at 1:38. After "Branded and Exiled," there's a short audio snippet of the band receiving a Metal Hammer award for the "Gates to Purgatory" album at this same festival.

The tracks from the 1981 demo (9-11) are too high in pitch; this is especially evident on "Hallow the Hell." Compare them to tracks 12 and 13 (which are the same recordings, just from a different source). "Warchild" has nothing to do with the later song from the "Port Royal" album. The bootleg lists the 1981 tracks as the "Rock from Hell" demo, but I've never seen this name used until recently and never in any official bio or history of the band; some stupid mp3-trader seems to have applied the compilation name to this demo.

Tracks 12-17 are the "Heavy Metal Like a Hammerblow" demo which compiled various '81 and '83 tracks. I have no specific date or location info for the live 1983 tracks. Note that "Adrian" has an intro, which I believe was cut when it appeared on the "Rock from Hell" comp. LP.

The Brotherhood Tour 2002 (2 CD Digipak)
Live Stadthalle Langen, Langen, Germany, March 26, 2002
Tracks 1-4 - live Stadthalle Langen, Langen, Germany, March 26, 2002
Tracks 5-14 - live Tor 3, Düsseldorf, Germany, Oct. 17, 1989
Tracks 15-16 - live Germany 1983
Track 17 - 1983 recording for "Rock From Hell" comp. LP
Pirate Song Records RWTBT26302-A/B
CD 1: CD 2:
78:01 76:30
1. Intro 1. Prisoner Of Our Time
2. Welcome To Hell 2. Purgatory
3. Bad To The Bone 3. Soulstripper [sic]
4. Lead Or Gold 4. Under Jolly Roger
5. Riding The Storm 5. Intro
6. When Time Runs Out 6. Riding The Storm
7. The Brotherhood 7. Bad To The Bone
8. Soulless 8. Raw Ride
9. Blazon Stone 9. Raging Fire
10. Crossfire 10. Tortuga Bay
11. Drumsolo 11. Uaschitschun
12. Running Blood 12. Bass Solo
13. Uaschitschun 13. Conquistadores
14. Unation 14. Prisoner Of Our Time
15. Victory 15. Genghis Khan
-- -- 16. Soldiers Of Hell
-- -- 17. Chains And Leather

All stage banter is in German. The discs themselves list the label as Brother Music Company, Australia.

The 1989 set was recorded for the official "Death Or Glory" live video, also on the bootleg below. These tracks have excellent soundboard quality, and may have been sourced straight from the video. The 1989 show intro is the crowd chanting "Chains and Leather" lyrics before the band go onstage, and then the "Riding the Storm" intro plays (taken straight from the album, not live). I think this intro bit was added to the video during post production (they show some backstage clips of the band while the music plays), but it's possible it was actually played over the PA at the gig. I really don't know.

Tracks 15 and 16 are live tracks that were compiled with other various recordings on the "Heavy Metal Like a Hammerblow" demo. I have no specific date/location information for them.

Track 17 was one of 2 1983 tracks (the other was "Adrian S.O.S.") recorded for the "Rock From Hell" comp. LP.

Great mix of material--the slight downside is that the 2002 show tracklisting is very similar to the official live album that was recorded at the Osnabrück gig a few days later.

Death Or Glory Tour And Some Early Demos
Tracks 1-9 - Live Tor 3, Düsseldorf, Germany, Oct. 17, 1989
Tracks 10-12 - demo 1981
Track 13 - 1983 recording for "Rock From Hell" comp. LP
Track 14 - live Germany 1983
Track 15 - from Avalon "The Third Move" LP 1986
Label unknown 200395
Given tracklisting: Correct tracklisting:
1. Intro 1. Intro/Riding The Storm (5:22)
2. Riding The Storm 2. Bad To The Bone (4:47)
3. Bad To The Bone 3. Raw Ride (5:31)
4. Raw Ride 4. Raging Fire (4:17)
5. Raging Fire 5. Tortuga Bay (3:30)
6. Tortuga Bay 6. Uaschitschun (4:41)
7. Uaschitschun 7. Bass Solo (0:58)
8. Bass Solo 8. Conquistadores (5:08)
9. Conquistadores 9. Prisoner Of Our Time (5:57)
10. Warchild 10. Warchild (2:41)
11. King Of The Midnight Fire 11. King Of The Midnight Fire (3:01)
12. Hallow The Hell 12. Hallow The Hell (1:36)
13. Chains & Leather 13. Chains And Leather (5:09)
14. Soldiers Of Hell 14. Soldiers Of Hell (Live) (3:14)
15. Senghir Khan 15. Necronomicon - Avalon (2:01)

Same 1989 gig as above, although the "Chains and Leather"/"Riding the Storm" intro isn't here. The audio begins with the brief opening riffage the band plays before "Riding the Storm."

Tracks 10-12 are from the band's first 1981 demo. Track 10 begins with a short, incomplete snippet of the scream from the "Heavy Metal Like a Hammerblow" demo intro. "Warchild" has nothing to do with the song from "Port Royal."

The vocals on "King of the Midnight Fire" don't sound like Rolf, but I don't know if anyone else also handled vocal duties in the early stages of the band. Actually, the other 2 tracks were also used for the "Debut No. 1" comp. LP and for the "Heavy Metal Like a Hammerblow" demo, so I don't know if the different singing style was a possible reason "King of the Midnight Fire" was excluded from being used again. "Hallow the Hell" is the closest song in style to "Gates to Purgatory" material.

Tracks 13 and 14 are the same as on the "The Brotherhood Tour 2002," just with a bit lower sound quality.

Track 15 has nothing to do with Running Wild-- it's the "Necronomicon" instrumental from "The Third Move" album by Dutch band Avalon.

All of the demo material is of very good quality for its age. Tracks 10, 12, 13, and 14 were all released on the "...Hammerblow" demo. The demo stuff may have been sourced from various places though, as neither the original "Heavy Metal Like a Hammerblow" tape or the bootleg LP of the same name (which each have different tracklists anyway) have "King of the Midnight Fire" on them.