Koncert! (2CD)
Live Budapest, Hungary, 1987
Tracks 1-5 - Live Budapest, Hungary, 1987
Track 6 - demo 1982 (?)
Track 7 - demo 1983 (?)
Tracks 8-10 - live 1985
(possibly Vasas Müvelődési Ház, Miskolc, Hungary, Dec. 17)
Track 11 - demo 1983(?)
Tracks 12-13 - demo 1984(?)
Track 14 - "Ki mit tud?" TV appearance, 1984
Tracks 15-16 - "A Sátán/A Maszk" 7" EP 1985
Steeler records and tapes
1. A Jel (4:50)
2. Pokoli Színjáték (4:34)
3. Tökfej (5:00)
4. Átkozott Nemzedék (4:22)
5. Éjféli Harang (5:43)
6. A Tűz (2:58)
7. Tisztítótűz (4:17)
8. Vallomás (3:50)
9. Tovább (4:08)
10. Újra Születnék (4:44)
11. B.S. Emlékére [sic] (3:28)
12. Ítélet Helyett (5:05)
13. Mindhalálig Rock And Roll (4:40)
14. Totális Metál (4:24)
15. Halálra Szeretlek (5:25)
16. 666 (4:26)
Given tracklisting: Correct tracklisting:
1. Vérszívó Asszony 1. Vérszívó Asszony (11:20)
2. Az A Szép.. 2. Az A Szép... (2:31)
3. Pokolgép 3. Pokolgép (4:48)
4. Cirkusz És Rács 4. Cirkusz És Rács (4:32)
5. Heavy Metal 5. Heavy Metal (5:27)
6. A Jel 6. A Jel (3:23)
7. Heavy Metal 7. Heavy Metal (4:00)
8. Cirkusz És Rácss 8. Cirkusz És Rács (4:08)
9. A Bűn 9. A Bűn (3:06)
10. Drága Föld 10. Drága Föld (3:08)
11. A Bun 11. Heavy Metal (3:58)
12. Circusz És Rács 12. Cirkusz És Rács (4:22)
13. Heavy Metal 13. A Bűn (2:36)
14. Egyuttes 14. Kegyetlen Asszony (2:26)
15. A Satan 15. Sátán (4:34)
16. A Maszk 16. A Maszk (3:36)

There's so little info on early Pokolgép in English from reliable sources that it's difficult to verify what's on this bootleg, particularly the dates of live stuff. So if you have any more info, please let me know!

The matrix codes on the discs have been covered up with marker.

No specific information beyond Budapest 1987 is given for the live tracks that make up the bulk of the content. I suspect the show was shortly before/around the release of Pokoli Színjáték.

There are possible edits between "Éjféli Harang"/"A Tűz" and "Halálra Szeretlek"/"666." "Vérszívó Asszony" runs long because it's got band introductions and audience sing-alongs.

The demo version of "A jel" is listed as "demo track 1982 w/ Endre Paksi." The back insert kind of makes it look like Endre was the singer, but of course in Pokolgép he was playing bass. Musically, "A jel" is totally unrecognizable from the later version (it's very minimalist, and even some space rock-style keyboards are in there). Only some of the lyrics are the same.

I think(?) the two demo versions of "Heavy Metal" on disc 2 are the same recording, just in differing qualities. The first is listed as a 1983 demo track, which I can't verify, and the second is listed as a 1984 demo track, which I think is wrong. The drums are strangely artificial sounding and up-front in the mix.

No information is given on the three 1985 live tracks other than the year. These are from a show that's circulating as Miskolc, Dec. 17, 1985, but I can't confirm that info. All 3 tracks fade out. "Cirkusz És Rács" has a skip/sound oddity at 1:41.

Tracks 11-13 on disc 2 are listed as "demo 1984." I've already mentioned I don't think "Heavy Metal" is correctly grouped here. The other two tracks were recorded for Hungarian radio.

Track 14 is listed as "live tv show." This is the audio taken from a video of the band's appearance on the Hungarian "Ki mit tud?" talent program. The video is available online and sometimes dated 1983 (the actual EP version is from that year), but Endre Paksi has also mentioned in an interview the video footage is from 1984.

Track 14 is listed on the bootleg as "Egyuttes." There was some translation confusion here because the "Kegyetlen Asszony" video footage starts with the caption "Pokolgép Együttes," which literally just means "Pokolgép band."

There's a slight skip in the audio of "Sátán" at 2:26. There's also a subtle audio glitch at 2:28 of "A Maszk," as you can hear the drum beat go out of time for just a moment.