Turn To Glenn
live rehearsal, Hollywood, CA, Mar. 14, 1986
Label unknown (disc: BS5)
Given tracklisting: Correct tracklisting:
1. Supertzar 1. Supertzar (2:53)
2. Mob Rules 2. The Mob Rules (3:30)
3. Children Of The Sea 3. Children Of The Sea (6:15)
4. Danger Zone 4. Danger Zone (4:53)
5. War Pigs 5. War Pigs (8:12)
6. Symptom Of The Universe
~Sweet Leaf
6. Symptom Of The Universe (partial)/
Sweet Leaf (3:21)
7. Sphinx (The Gardian)
~Seventh Star
7. Zero The Hero (partial)/
Sphinx/Seventh Star (8:15)
8. Turn To Stone 8. Turn To Stone (4:40)
9. No Stranger To Love 9. No Stranger To Love (5:15)

Bootleg states: "FINAL LIVE REHEARSALS,HOLLYWOOD,CA.3/14/1986." While I can't verify the exact date or location, there's no reason not to believe it, as this would have been the week before Glenn Hughes' 5 ill-fated shows fronting Sabbath. As the bootleg states, this seems to be an onstage rehearsal. There's a small amount of people present who talk in the background and cheer the band on inbetween songs.

Tracks 7-8 are a medley. "Symptom..." and "Zero..." are just short instrumental bits.

There's a drum solo during "Turn to Stone."

The first part of "War Pigs" is sung suprisingly well and some of the "Seventh Star" material is alright, but make no mistake--like his live performances, this recording definitely shows why Glenn was sacked from the band.