Grave Desecration
Tracks 1-3 - demo 1986
Tracks 4-10 - live Festival da Morte, Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Brazil, Aug. 16, 1986
Tracks 11-16 - live Slaughter Festival, Americana, São Paulo, Brazil, Sep. 20, 1986
Tracks 17-22 - live Club Carioca, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Sep. 29, 1986
Label unknown RIP001
Given tracklisting: Correct tracklisting:
1. Intro/Mutilator 1. Mutilator (w/ intro)
2. Evil Conspiracy 2. Visions Of Darkness
3. Visions of Darkness 3. Evil Conspiracy
4. Mutilator 4. Mutilator (w/ intro)
5. Believers Of Hell 5. Believers Of Hell
6. Evil Conspiracy 6. Evil Conspiracy
7. Massacra 7. Massacra (Hellhammer cover)
8. Bloodstorm 8. Blood Storm (instrumental version)
9. Visions Of Darkness 9. Visions Of Darkness
10. Nuclear Holocaust 10. Nuclear Holocaust
11. Evil Conspiracy 11. Evil Conspiracy
12. Believers Of Hell 12. Believers Of Hell
13. Massacra 13. Massacra (Hellhammer cover)
14. Nuclear Holocaust 14. Nuclear Holocaust
15. Bloodstorm 15. Blood Storm
16. Mutilator 16. Mutilator (w/ intro)
17. Visions Of Darkness 17. Visions Of Darkness
18. Believers Of Hell 18. Believers Of Hell
19. Evil Conspiracy 19. Blood Storm (partial)/Evil Conspiracy
20. Massacra 20. Massacra (Hellhammer cover)
21. Nuclear Holocaust 21. Nuclear Holocaust
22. Mutilator 22. Mutilator

The demo is listed as being from 1985 on the bootleg. The first 3 versions of "Mutilator" here are played with a short intro piece that's not on the "Immortal Force" version. All live tracks have breaks between them.

Festival da Morte was a show with Vulcano, Chakal, and Guerrilha. The Vulcano '86 DVD footage is taken from this gig. São Paulo is mentioned in the stage banter a lot (I hear Minas Gerais mentioned later in the show too, though that's where the band are from), so I'm wondering if the location is really correct. Actually the song introductions are quite long, so it would be interesting to know what's being said from someone who knows Portuguese.

The first set of live tracks are definitely the best in quality. I would guess this show is the one on the live tape mentioned in the scanned interview in the booklet. At 2:35 of track 4, the volume drops and then goes back up a few seconds later. The Hellhammer cover starts abruptly after the stage banter in track 7, so there may have been some kind of edit there. There's a split-second dropout at 4:03 of track 8, but it doesn't occur during music. Track 10 fades out during stage banter.

The Slaughter Festival was a gig with Vulcano, Dorsal Atlântica, Korzus, and Sepultura. The 2nd set of live tracks have constant static-y noise during the entire set (there are also prominent artifacts at the beginning of each track); it sounds like waves are softly breaking over the audio. It's annoying, but not loud or intrusive enough to totally ruin these tracks. Also, while it doesn't really affect the songs themselves, Silvio's talking during the stage banter sounds artificially deep, especially compared to the other two live sets. So the pitch may have been distorted or lowered.

The third live set has the worst sound quality. Things often become a wall of noise and it's sometimes hard to even discern the vocals. Track 19 starts with about 40 seconds of the solo section of "Blood Storm." I don't notice any edits so that may be all they really played. Also during track 19 it sounds like there are minor noises from stretched tape, for example at 1:16 and 2:10.

Despite the sound quality of the last 2 live sets, cool boot that really highlights the change in the band's sound when comparing their demo/"Warfare Noise" stuff to the LP material. The demo vocals were a far better style, and while more controlled, the demo is actually much heavier. "Immortal Force" is quite a wild thrash album, and that lets it reach some great over-the-top moments, but the demo is consistently better even for its short length.

Satanic Holocaust
Split with Sarcófago
Tracks 1-6 - Slaughter Festival, Americana, São Paulo, Brazil, Sep. 20, 1986
Tracks 7-11 - live Brazil 1986 (?)
Raw Has Hell/Eternal Kaos Productions RHH001
Given tracklisting: Correct tracklisting:
1. Evil Conspiracy 1. Evil Conspiracy (2:37)
2. Believers Of Hell 2. Believers Of Hell (3:33)
3. Massacre (Hellhammer cover) 3. Massacra (Hellhammer cover) (2:22)
4. Nuclear Holocaust 4. Nuclear Holocaust (4:47)
5. Bloodstorm 5. Blood Storm (4:38)
6. Mutilator 6. Mutilator (5:45)
7. Intro: Recrucify 7. Recrucify (Intro) - Sarcófago (1:51)
8. Satanas 8. The Black Vomit - Sarcófago (2:22)
9. Nightmare 9. Satanas - Sarcófago (2:38)
10. I.N.R.I. 10. Nightmare - Sarcófago (5:41)
11. The Last Slaughter 11. INRI - Sarcófago (3:11)
-- -- 12. The Last Slaughter - Sarcófago (5:01)

Same stuff as on the "Grave Desecration" bootleg, and the same comments apply.