Black Shadows
Cow Palace, San Francisco, CA, Dec. 4, 1992
Home Records HR 5935 - 3
1. Holly Wars [sic] (6:53)
2. Sweating Bullets (4:47)
3. In My Darkest Hour (6:04)
4. Symphony Of Destruction (3:53)
5. Peace Sells (4:07)
6. Anarchy In The UK (Sex Pistols cover) (3:57)
7. Ashes In Your Mouth (6:04)
8. Countdown [sic] (4:10)
9. Skin' O My Teeth [sic] (3:59)

Back insert states "Live in Oakland, 1994" while the inside of the booklet mentions Oakland 1992.

Several tracks from this gig were used for "Countdown to Extinction"-era singles and promos. As with the other Cow Palace bootlegs, the setlist is in a jumbled order and the audience noise sounds totally fake, so along with the other boots, this was probably sourced from officially-released live tracks.