The Priest Is Back (2CD)
The Palladium, NY, July 22, 1981 (?)
(except CD1 track 10, CD2 tracks 1-2 - Unleashed in the East versions)
Rocks 92047/92048
CD 1: CD 2:
49:41 42:43
1. Solar Angels (4:45) 1. Exciter (5:27)
2. Heading To The Highway [sic] (3:36) 2. The Ripper (2:57)
3. Diamonds And Rust (3:40) 3. You Don't Have To Be Old To
Be Wise (6:42)
4. Hell Bent For Leather (2:55) 4. Victim Of Changes (8:17)
5. The Sinner (8:34) 5. The Green Manilishi [sic] (4:39)
6. Beyond The Realms Of Death (6:45) 6. Breaking The Law (2:42)
7. The Grinder (4:11) 7. Livin' After Midnight (4:32)
8. Desert Plains (4:52) 8. Tyrant (7:27)
9. Hot Rockin' (3:08) -- --
10. Genocide (7:15) -- --

Bootleg lists the date as July 23, 1981. Priest (with support from Iron Maiden) played the Palladium three consecutive nights, from July 22-24. Rob even mentions this before "Sinner."

The audio on this bootleg was broadcast on the radio, and a radio LP was made for doing so. The July 22nd date is consistently associated with the radio broadcast (while the only references to the 23rd seem to be from bootlegs). That makes the July 22nd date seem more reasonable; however, it could also be a combination of both dates, as the recording is not without alterations...

"Genocide," "Exciter," and "The Ripper" are actually the "Unleashed in the East" live album versions. Keep in mind these tracks were added to the Palladium tracks for radio broadcast purposes; the bootlegger is not at fault. Also, the song order was obviously changed anyway, as Rob comments on the crowd's singing during "Breaking the Law" before "You Don't Have to Be Old to Be Wise."

The volume gets shaky at 3:14 of "Solar Angels."

There seems to be an edit between "Beyond the Realms of Death" and "Grinder."