As I Fly
Bergum, Holland, July 4, 1992
Morbus Records 001
Given tracklisting: Correct tracklisting:
1. Mortals Watch The Day 1. Desolate/Pity The Sadness
2. Gothic 2. Gothic
3. The World Made Flesh 3. The World Made Flesh
4. Dead Emotion 4. Dead Emotion
5. No Forgiveness 5. No Forgiveness
6. Shattered 6. Shattered/Daylight Torn (partial)
7. As I Die 7. As I Die
8. The Painless 8. The Painless
9. Bleeding Fear 9. Breeding Fear
10. Eternal 10. Eternal

There's a quick sound drop-out at 0:26 of track 4. Beginning at about track 6, there are some small sound oddities/muffled spots throughout the bootleg where it sounds like the (recorder's?) microphone is being hit, especially during track 7.

After "Shattered," the audio stops and "Daylight Torn" fades in at the second verse of the song. There's also a gap between tracks 6/7. There's a sound drop-out (or possibly cut) at 3:56 of track 8.

While there are several sound oddities in the audio and the crowd noise is constant, even during the songs (though not overpowering, by any means), the recording clarity is very good. A decent bootleg considering the time period, although the shift in their musical direction is already evident with the "Shades of God" material.

Gothic Illusions
Ludwigsburg, Germany, Apr. 14, 1991
H-Schwein 100
Given tracklisting: Correct tracklisting:
1. Intro 1. Intro
2. Dead Emotion 2. Dead Emotion
3. Gothic 3. Gothic
4. Paradise Lost 4. Paradise Lost
5. Breeding Fear 5. Breeding Fear
6. Eternal 6. Eternal
7. Shattered 7. Shattered
8. Frozen Illusion 8. Frozen Illusion
9. Angel Tears 9. Angel Tears
10. The Painless 10. The Painless
11. Our Saviour 11. Our Saviour (1st attempt)
12. Deadly Innerself 12. (soundcheck)
13. Rapture 13. Our Saviour
-- -- 14. Deadly Inner Sense

Track 11 is about a minute of "Our Saviour," and then it sounds like they have a guitar problem and stop. Track 12 is basically the delay--they mess around with the guitars and the bass and drums play "background music" of sorts to pass the time.

Disc itself is printed with fake information to avoid pressing plant detection. The band and title are listed on the disc itself as The Lost Paradise "Eden Is So Far," and most of the songtitles have been slightly altered. Strangely enough, while the back insert only lists 13 tracks, the CD lists 14, including the "soundcheck." It's not entirely correct however, as it still lists "Rapture," which is not on the boot.

A very enjoyable gig from their pure doom/death era, before gothic influence invaded the band.

The Past And The Present
Tracks 1-10 - Stadthalle, Offenbach, Germany, Nov. 8, 1993
Tracks 11-14 - Bradford, UK, Sep. 2, 1988 (?)
Northwind 006
1. Embers Fire
2. Remembrance
3. Gothic
4. Mortals Watch The Day
5. Shallow Seasons
6. Eternal
7. Joys Of The Emptiness
8. As I Die
9. True Belief
10. Pity The Sadness
11. Drown In Darkness
12. Plans Of Desolation [sic]
13. Morbid Existance [sic]
14. Nuclear Abominations [sic]

"Germany, November '93" is the only recording information given for the first part, but Offenbach is mentioned in the stage banter. This is from a show supporting Sepultura on their European tour (bootleg audio of their Offenbach set also exists).

Tracks 11-14 are listed as "Live in Bradford 02./09." I have not been able to verify the date.

There is a break/short pause at the end of track 9. There are breaks between backs 12, 13, and 14, and track 14 fades out at the end before it is complete.

The first portion of the bootleg is largely uninteresting. There's nothing from their first album, and this is the period where they lightened their musical style considerably. As on the albums, Nick Holmes tends to sound like James Hetfield, and the older songs they do play are accompanied by hoarse screamy singing rather than death-styled growling. The '88 stuff is easily the best material here.

Seasons Of Sadness
Palasesto, Milan, Italy, Nov. 16, 1993
Aulica A. 162
1. Intro (2:17)
2. Embers Fire (4:01)
3. Remembrance (3:18)
4. Gothic (4:20)
5. Mortals Watch The Day (5:16)
6. Shallow Season [sic] (4:52)
7. Eternal (4:09)
8. Joys Of The Emptiness (3:20)
9. As I Die (3:42)
10. True Belief (4:23)
11. Pity The Sadness (5:28)

Paradise Lost opened for Sepultura at this show.