Capn's Of Krunch
Stadthalle, Köln, Germany, Dec. 5, 1984
Totonka CD PRO 14
1. Fight Fire With Fire (5:14)
2. Ride The Lightning (6:32)
3. Phantom Lord (5:12)
4. The Four Horsemen (6:51)
5. Bass Solo (3:09)
6. For Whom The Bell Tolls (5:51)
7. No Remorse (5:58)
8. Call Of Ktulu (7:42)
9. Seek And Destroy (7:07)
10. Whiplash (4:39)
11. Creeping Death (7:40)
12. Guitar Solo (3:30)
13. Metal Militia (incomplete) (5:33)

Disc opens with the usual "The Ecstasy of Gold" intro.

Although not specifically named, the bass solo is indeed "(Anesthesia) Pulling Teeth." It continues on into track 6 (the track changeover point is when the drums begin).

There's an edit between "Whiplash" and "Creeping Death" to cut out the dead time before the encores.

Kirk does a short guitar rendition of Liszt's Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2 in C-sharp minor during the guitar solo. Even if the name means nothing to you, you'd almost certainly recognize it after hearing it--it's well-known from being used in a lot of classic cartoons.

"Metal Militia" fades out just as the final verse begins.