U.S.A. 1990
Tracks 1-2 - The Venue, Dallas, TX, Apr. 23, 1990 (?)
Tracks 3-11 - Biskuithalle, Bonn, Germany, Feb. 13, 1990 (?)
Live Storm LSCD 51534
1. Hounds (7:00)
2. Of Rage And War (4:25)
3. The Dungeons Are Calling (4:40)
4. City Beneath The Surface (4:20)
5. Sirens (3:37)
6. Of Rage And War (4:31)
7. She's In Love (3:38)
8. Hounds (7:05)
9. Thorazine Shuffle (4:46)
10. Hall Of The Mountain King (5:46)
11. Power Of The Night (3:26)

Bootleg gives no recording information beyond recorded during "the 1990 American tour." This same material is also on the "Defenders of the Faith" bootleg CD.

I cannot verify either of the dates. There's nothing in the audio to positively identify the first 2 tracks, although all the info I've seen around indicates they're from the Dallas show. Jon mentions "Deutschland" a few times during the second half of the bootleg, so it's obviously one of the German gigs, but nothing indicating it's the Bonn show for certain. If anyone can provide evidence or confirmation for the dates, let me know.

Track 2 fades out at the end of the song.

There are possible edits between tracks 6/7 and 7/8.

The intro to "Thorazine Shuffle" starts on track 8.

"Power of the Night" fades out before the song is over.