Reunited 2004 (2CD Digipak)
Split with Annihilator
Live Stadionsporthalle, Hannover, Germany, June 2, 2004
Tracks 1-2 - Live Stadionsporthalle, Hannover, Germany, June 2, 2004
Track 3 - ??? (see notes)
Track 4 - from "Sad Wings of Destiny" album
Track 5 - Hi-Octane Mix, from "Parental Guidance" 12"
Track 6 - "Forever Knight Remixes, La Croix Mix '90" (see notes)
Track 7 - Rob Halford (w/ Pantera), from Buffy the Vampire Slayer soundtrack 1992
Tracks 8-14 - Live Stadionsporthalle, Hannover, Germany, June 2, 2004
JP 020604-1/2
CD 1: CD 2:
78:07 78:49
1. Intro/The Hellion (1:49) 1. United (4:31)
2. Electic Eye [sic] (3:38) 2. You've Got Another Thing Comin' (8:04)
3. Metal God [sic] (4:53) 3. Driftin Away - by ??? (4:19)
4. Heading Out To The Highway (4:37) 4. Dreamer Deceiver(/Deceiver) (8:38)
5. The Ripper (3:44) 5. Turbo Lover (7:21)
6. Touch Of Evil [sic] (6:19) 6. Touch Of Evil [sic] (5:47)
7. The Sentinel (5:59) 7. Light Comes Out Of Black - Halford & Pantera (4:58)
8. Turbo Lover (6:25) 8. All For You - Annihilator (4:57)
9. Victim Of Changes (8:33) 9. The Blackest Day - Annihilator (4:11)
10. Diamonds And Rust (Acoustic Version)
10. King Of The Kill - Annihilator (5:27)
11. Breaking The Law (3:02) 11. Never, Neverland - Annihilator (5:24)
12. Beyond The Realms Of Death (6:53) 12. Set The World On Fire - Annihilator (4:27)
13. The Green Manalishi (With The Two
Pronged Crown) (3:50)
13. Burns Like A Buzzsaw Blade - Annihilator (4:21)
14. Painkiller (6:37) 14. Band Introduction & Alison Hell - Annihilator (6:24)
15. Hell Bent For Leather (3:30) -- --
16. Living After Midnight (3:48) -- --

First show after the reunion with Halford.

The bonus material on disc 2 (tracks 3-7) is a weird mix of stuff:

Track 3 is listed as "Rare, with guest appearance from 'Live It's Hard', before Halford with Al Atkins." This track is an amateurish hard rock ballad with heavy guitar and a very prominent drum machine, and I doubt it has anything to do with Priest or Al Atkins. With the drum machine and production, it's obviously not something from Al Atkins-era Priest, and it sounds (and seems) nothing like any of Al's later projects. This literally appears to be some random mp3 that was thrown on here. If you have any further info on this track please contact me.

Track 4 is listed as a "12 Long Version, 1976" of "Dreamer Deceiver." It's just the normal album versions of "Dreamer Deceiver" plus "Deceiver" uncut as one track.

Track 5 is the Hi-Octane mix of "Turbo Lover" that appeared on the 12" version of the "Parental Guidance" single. There was also a promotional 12" single of "Turbo Lover" that I believe included long and short versions of the Hi-Octane mix. This mix was also released on the "Priest, Live & Rare" CD.

Track 6 is listed as "Forever Knight Remixes, La Croix Mix '90." It's just the studio version of "A Touch of Evil" with some audio clips from the Canadian TV show Forever Knight added (one of the characters is named Lucien LaCroix, hence the "La Croix Mix" name). It's not official and just seems be to a fan-made thing.

"Light Comes Out of Black" was a song from the Buffy the Vampire Slayer movie soundtrack. While the soundtrack itself lists it as just a Rob Halford song, Pantera was the backing band. I believe this was recorded after Halford left Priest but before he started Fight.

The Annihilator tracks are from their set opening for Priest. All of them have Dave Padden's forced aggro vocals, so not even the old stuff is very enjoyable. "The Blackest Day" continues into track 10 for about a minute.