Into The Infernal Storm Of Evil
Tracks 1-3, 6 - "Medieval Prophecy" EP 1988
Tracks 4-5, 7-8 - "Into the Infernal Storm of Evil" demo 1988
Tracks 9-11 - "Macabre Operetta" rehearsal demo 1988 (reh. from May 31, 1988)
Tracks 12-13 - "From Dark to Black" promo tape 1989
Tracks 14-16 - live Wassersport, Speyer, Germany, Mar. 16, 1991
Tracks 17-18 - "After the Sepulture" EP 1993
Label unknown
with outer slipcover
Given tracklisting: Correct tracklisting:
1. Into The Pentagram 1. Into The Pentagram (6:09)
2. The Dark 2. Into The Pentagram (cont.) (3:15)
3. The Third Of The Storms 3. The Third Of The Storms (Hellhammer cover) (3:11)
4. Intro 4. Into The Dark (1:33)
5. The Messenger Of Light 5. Sleep Of Death (3:49)
6. The Knowledge Of The Ancient Kingdom 6. The Dark (extensive version) (6:10)
7. Into The Dark 7. Intro/The Messenger Of The Light (5:37)
8. Sleep Of Death 8. Knowledge Of The Ancient Kingdom (5:18)
9. Macabre Operetta 9. Blood Ritual (2:12)
10. Crown Of Thorns 10. Crown Of Evil (4:23)
11. Blood Ritual 11. Macabre Operetta (5:00)
12. Morbid Metal 12. Morbid Metal (4:19)
13. The Knowledge Of The Ancient Kingdom 13. Knowledge Of The Ancient Kingdom (4:30)
14. Rite Of Cthulu 14. Rite Of Cthulhu/Sleep Of Death (4:46)
15. Sleep Of Death 15. Messenger Of The Light (2:13)
16. The Black Face 16. The Black Face (3:42)
17. Manitou 17. Manitou (Venom cover) (3:13)
18. After The Sepulture 18. After The Sepulture (5:18)

There's no label info, but obviously a Unisound bootleg. The track breakdown on the back insert goes up to track 19 even though 18 tracks are listed right above. Inside the booklet is a track breakdown for 10 tracks (which mentions only the EPs and demo). The "From Dark to Black" promo is incorrectly listed as "From Dark to Dark."

The song "Macabre Operetta" ends quite early--although the song itself isn't cut, the long section of guitar feedback and tormented vocals at the end is missing.

The live tracks are listed as "live Speyen 1991." I think it's pretty safe to assume these are from the Speyer gig since that audio has been circulating for a while, and "danke schön" is used during "The Black Face," so they're obviously in a German-speaking country.

The live version of "Messenger of the Light" fades out.

Live In Dark
Tracks 1-3 - "Medieval Prophecy" EP 1988
Tracks 4-5 - "From Dark to Black" promo tape 1989
Tracks 6-13 - live 1991(?)
Label unknown
Given tracklisting: Correct tracklisting:
1. Into The Pentagram 1. Into The Pentagram (8:37)
2. The Dark 2. The Dark (extensive version) (5:39)
3. The Third Of The Storm 3. The Third Of The Storms
(Hellhammer cover) (2:54)
4. Morbid Metal 4. Morbid Metal (4:36)
5. Knowledge Of The Ancient Kingdom 5. Knowledge Of The Ancient Kingdom (4:48)
6. Rite Of Cthulhu 6. Rite Of Cthulhu/Sleep Of Death/
Messenger Of The Light (7:17)
7. The Dark 7. The Dark (4:22)
8. Into The Pentagram 8. Into The Pentagram/drum solo (6:41)
9. Morbid Metal 9. Morbid Metal (4:41)
10. Knowledge Of The Ancient Kingdom 10. Knowledge Of The Ancient Kingdom (4:34)
11. Worship Him 11. Worship Him (6:05)
12. The Black Face 12. The Black Face (5:04)
13. Bestial Devotion 13. Bestial Devotion (5:59)

The live tracks are just listed as "live 1991," with no specific date or location information given. Stage banter is in French, so I would suspect this is either the '91 Sion show from the "Worship Live" boot LP or the '92 gig in France from the "Blood Worship" tape (I have neither to compare against). The live tracks sound a bit distant and their overall quality is below average.

There seems to be a cut at 0:48 of track 13 since the crowd noise abruptly changes.

Live March 1993
Split with Tiamat
Tracks 1-8 - Live Vienna, Austria, January 19, 1993
Tracks 9-13 - see Tiamat page
Metal World MWCD1
Given tracklisting: Correct tracklisting:
1. Blood Ritual 1. Total Consecration/...Until The Chaos/Blood Ritual
2. Bestial Devotion 2. Beyond The Nothingness
3. Beyond The Nothingness 3. Poison Infiltration
4. Since The Creation 4. Rite Of Cthulhu/Sleep Of Death
5. Bestial Devotion 5. After The Sepulture
6. Until The Chaos 6. Bestial Devotion
7. Workship Him 7. Worship Him
8. Morbid Metal 8. Morbid Metal
9. Lady Temptres 9. Intro/Clouds - Tiamat
10. Mountain Of Doom 10. Mountain Of Doom/In A Dream - Tiamat
11. The Sleeping Beauty 11. The Sleeping Beauty - Tiamat
12. Ancient Entity 12. Captain Howdy (Twisted Sister cover) - Tiamat
-- -- 13. Ancient Entity - Tiamat

From the tour with Tiamat/Unleashed/Dark Millenium. The Unleashed "March 1993" bootleg also on the Metal World label and the subsequent official Unleashed "Live in Vienna '93" CD were recorded at this same show.

Except for "Poison Infiltration" and "Bestial Devotion", all of these tracks were included as bonus material on the 2005 reissue of "Worship Him." The song order is slightly different from the bootleg, as "Beyond the Nothingness" is 3rd to last song there. The reissue does not give any info about the live tracks at all, and "Sleep of Death" is not mentioned in the reissue's tracklisting, only "Rite Of Cthulhu," which was played as the intro to that song. The live tracks have boosted volume, but otherwise, there's no significant sound quality difference compared to the bootleg.

The inserts are pretty sparse, with only the bandnames, bootleg title, and (incorrect) tracklisting--no recording info is given other than the title, which is wrong anyway. Only the disc has any label/serial number information, and while the disc itself says "Tiamat" it makes no reference to Samael at all.

The bootleg begins a bit into the piano intro for "Total Consecration."

Both bands released seminal albums in 1990; this recording is a bit after their pinnacles, but by the same token, also a bit before both abandoned metal for total avant-garde silliness. However, Samael's fantastic setlist really makes the Tiamat tracks pale in comparison.