Dallas, Texas, Alive!
The Basement, Dallas, TX, Mar. 12, 1990
White Stallion Records 003
1. R.I.P. (4:41)
2. Black Shapes Of Doom (3:46)
3. Psalm 9 (3:57)
4. The Wolf (3:52)
5. End Of My Daze [sic] (3:42)
6. Assassin (3:26)
7. The Misery Shows (Act II) (8:59)
8. Psychotic Reaction (4:48)
9. Bastards Will Pay (4:31)
10. Helter Skelter (Beatles cover) (9:30)
11. The Tempter (5:35)
12. All Is Forgiven (5:46)

The date is incorrectly listed as December 3 on the inserts.

The band themselves used to sell a CD-R of this show (which was probably used to source this bootleg). In 2011 this Dallas gig was released on the "Black Shapes of Doom" 2LP.

This show was broadcast on Z-Rock and there were some DJs present at the show. The very beginning has a rather overenthusiastic introduction from Crazy Mike Paine. About the last 5 minutes of track 10 is crowd noise and DJ Mad Maxx Hammer talking to the audience before the encores.

"Black Shapes of Doom" segues directly into "Psalm 9"--the spoken "The Lord shall endure..." intro was not done.

There's a brief pause/break between tracks 8 and 9.

Interesting live set since all of the old stuff they play is from the first album.

Demos & Rarities 1984-94 (Part II)
Tracks 1-6 - unreleased demo 1993
Track 7 - from "One From The Road" 1994 mCD sessions 1994
Track 8 - live Batschkapp, Frankfurt, Germany, May 2, 1994
Track 9 - live Dynamo Open Air festival, Eindhoven, Holland, June 4, 1990
Tracks 10-12 - playback of "Psalm 9" tracks for 1984 TV show
White Stallion Records 02
Given tracklisting: Correct tracklisting:
1. Mythic Hero 1. Mythic Hero
2. Fly 2. Fly
3. Get Back 3. Get Back (Beatles cover)
4. Another Day 4. Another Day
5. Requiem 5. Requiem
6. Long Shadows Fall 6. Long Shadows Fall
7. Here The Earth 7. Here The Earth
8. Doom March 8. Doom March (instrumental)
9. R.I.P. 9. R.I.P./Blacks Shapes Of Doom/The Wolf
10. Black Shapes Of Doom 10. Assassin
11. The Wolf 11. Psalm 9
12. Assassin 12. Victim Of The Insane
13. Psalm 9 -- --
14. Victim Of The Insane -- --

Packaging states the CD is limited to 500 copies. The layout has some song lyrics and random group/live pictures of the band. There's a supposedly "complete" discography listing that's missing the demos and has some mistakes; this was probably lifted from some online source. Please note I haven't been able to verify the sources for almost any of the tracks, there's just no information on them I can find. So if you can help, please let me know.

The first 6 tracks are supposedly from an unreleased 1993 demo. The first couple sound like they use a drum machine. "Mythic Hero" is actually an earlier version of track 7 on this bootleg, "Here the Earth."

"Fly" has some lyrics that were later used in "Opium-Eater" from the "Plastic Green Head" album, but the music is totally different. I don't have it yet, but there are versions of "Mythic Hero" and "Fly" on the Trouble "Unplugged" CD (which is a reissue of the CD-R they used to sell themselves plus 4 unreleased tracks).

"Get Back" is the Beatles' song, but the verses are totally different--I'm guessing the band made up the new lyrics? At the end of track 3 you hear a split-second of the cymbals of "Another Day," then there's a short pause and it starts over again on track 4.

The other 3 1993 tracks are early versions of "Plastic Green Head" songs. While the other 1993 demo tracks are mostly kind of mellow and uninteresting for me, I think "Long Shadows Fall" is far better than the later album version. The production is much thinner and not so bottom-end and modern.

Track 7 was apparently recorded during the "One for the Road" mCD sessions. This song is actually still available for listening on the Trouble website, it's the same version but the bootleg track just has an extra second of drumstick tapping/ticking off. Now, it's also spelled "Here the Earth" on the official website. While the lyrics to the chorus are relatively unchanged, the "Hear the Earth" song on "Plastic Green Head" is actually a very different song otherwise. So it's not clear whether the earlier version was misspelled, or they changed the spelling to reflect the different song (I'm guessing it was misspelled since lyrically only "hear" makes sense). As I mentioned before, "Here the Earth" and "Mythic Hero" are just different versions of the same song.

Track 8 appears to be some sort of live instrumental jam session. It lasts a bit under 3 min. I don't believe for a second it's titled "Doom March"-- probably this was originally just some untitled jam and the bootlegger slapped a dumb title on it. Far from being doomy at all, it actually consists of rather upbeat and pleasant classic metal twin-guitar acrobatics. I have not been able to verify the date of this Frankfurt show.

The band play the Dynamo tracks as a long nonstop medley. There is no stage banter except Eric thanking the crowd at the end.

Tracks 10-12 are listed as being from a 1984 Chicago TV broadcast. Trouble did indeed "perform" these 3 songs on an old cable-access show, but they didn't play live and just mimed/lip-synched to playback of the studio tracks. So these are nothing more than low quality versions of the "Psalm 9" versions with tape hiss and a not-so-crisp sound. These 3 tracks as well as interview segments from the TV show are available officially on the bonus DVD of the "Psalm 9" reissue. I also want to point out the reissue claims this DVD footage is actually from 1982. I don't even think that would be possible, as Sean McAllister is in the footage, and I don't think he joined until shortly before the first album was recorded.

If you like the newer psychedelic Trouble stuff, you may find this bootleg interesting, but there's nothing particularly special here for fans of the band's classic Metal Blade years.

The Longhorn, Stuttgart, Germany, Dec. 28, 1992
Given recording information is incorrect!
Morbus Records 002
Given tracklisting: Correct tracklisting:
1. Intro 1. Intro
2. R.I.P. 2. R.I.P.
3. The Sleeper 3. The Sleeper
4. Hello Strawberry Skies 4. Hello Strawberry Skies
5. Pray For The Dead 5. Pray For The Dead
6. At The End Of My Daze 6. Truth Is, What Is (partial)
7. Touch The Sky 7. At The End of My Daze
8. Fear 8. Come Touch The Sky
9. Memories Garden 9. Fear/Memory's Garden
10. The Tempter 10. The Tempter (partial)
11. Guitar Solo 11. Guitar solo/Bastards Will Pay
12. Bastards Will Pay 12. Psychotic Reaction (part 1)
13. Psychotic Reaction 13. Psychotic Reaction (part 2)
14. Children Of The Grave 14. Children Of The Grave (Black Sabbath cover)

This gig was one of the Rock Hard X-Mas Festivals, which Trouble headlined with The Obsessed, Cathedral, Paradise Lost, and Crowbar among others. The inserts list the show as being from Eindhoven 02.01.93, which is incorrect.

The band begins "Truth Is, What Is" about halfway through the song, so only the second half is played.

"Memory's Garden" starts at 3:38 on track 9.

"The Tempter" is only played until the "I am the one..." part. I have heard that during "Manic Frustration"-era gigs, the band normally played a truncated version.

There is a break/edit between tracks 11 and 12. From the stage banter, it sounds like all that was edited out was the time waiting for the band to come back to do the encores.

Decent bootleg, but it's a shame they do so few old songs (and even then, only parts of them) and nothing from "Run to the Light." It's not much consolation, but the "Manic Frustration" tracks here seem to be a little better than the album versions, probably because there's a live rawness and the rhythm section is higher in the mix than for a studio recording.


Although it has no unreleased material, Reborn Classics did a split CD with the "One for the Road" mCD and Armored Saint's "Raising Fear" album.

"In the Beginning" is a live bootleg LP with tracks from Trouble's 1983 live tape.