Lust For Death
Tracks 1-4 - "Christ's Death" Demo 1987
Tracks 5-7 - "Satanic Lust" Demo Feb. 1986
Tracks 8-10 - Rehearsal 1989
Label unknown
Given tracklisting: Correct tracklisting:
1. Christs Death 1. Christ's Death guitar intro (0:17)
2. Desecration Of A Virgin 2. Christ's Death (2:57)
3. Satanic Lust 3. Desecration Of Mary (1:57)
4. Intro 4. Satanic Lust (2:51)
5. Satanas 5. Intro/Satanas (2:59)
6. Nightmare 6. Nightmare (6:03)
7. Third Slaughter 7. Third Slaughter (5:38)
8. Intro - Sex, Drinks, And Metal 8. Intro (1:30)
9. Alcoholic Coma 9. Sex, Drinks & Metal (3:26)
-- -- 10. Alcoholic Coma (3:14)

While track 3 is indeed a demo version of "Desecration of Virgin," it was titled "Desecration of Mary" on the actual demo.

Track 8 is Wagner Antichrist doing a short spoken word intro to the rehearsal tracks (in his typical vocals and with hysterical screaming, no less). If you've ever heard the old Piledriver audio interview, it's a bit like a broken English version of that and ends up being more humorous than anything. A lot of it is just "thank you" type stuff and he addresses the listener as "friend," but it's unclear whether this intro was meant for someone specific he sent the tape to, or whether this was just a general audio greeting and everyone who received the rehearsal got the intro with it. It's too hard for me to make out anything through his vocals and accent. It sounds like there are some spooky background effects, but it's not a very elaborate intro and could have easily been done on a tape recorder in a couple of minutes.

Nights In Hell
Presumed to be live Brazil/South America in '80s
Warhammer Records Lust 008
1. Recrucify (Intro) (1:55)
2. Black Vomit [sic] (2:30)
3. Satanas (2:32)
4. Nightmare (6:08)
5. Inri [sic] (3:05)
6. The Last Slaughter (5:44)
7. Satanas (2:32)
8. Nightmare (Drums Slaughter) (7:33)
9. Terveet Kädet cover ("Outsider") (1:31)
10. Terveet Kädet cover ("The Land Of Hope") (0:46)

There's also a CD-R version of this bootleg which came out slightly earlier. Fortunately, they're easy to tell apart--the CD-R has a color layout using the older logo, the real CD has a b/w layout and uses the "Hate" era logo. I don't recall any differences in the content, but since I have the CD-R too anyway I'll eventually try to add it to the gallery.

Obviously, with the song repetition, there are at least two gigs represented on this CD. It's hard to tell with breaks between all tracks and the sound quality doesn't drastically change, but I think the first 6 tracks and last 4 tracks are the 2 seperate gigs. The beginning of a few tracks have odd noises which are possibly mp3 artifacts, and there are clicking noises each time a new track begins.

These live tracks are of surprisingly decent quality. While raw, the audio is fairly clear. If you're a fan of "I.N.R.I." in the first place, it's not like you're a slick production connoisseur anyway.

Chakal and Mutilator are mentioned in Wagner's stage banter before "The Last Slaughter," which may be a clue as to the date/location.

Tracks 9 and 10 are covers of the legendary Finnish crust/hardcore band Terveet Kädet, and while noted as such on the bootleg, they are not specifically named.

Tracks 7-10 appear to be the same recordings that start off the B-side of the "Satanic Lust" bootleg LP. They're listed on that LP as "Live H.M.C. 17/10/86" but I can't verify whether that's correct.

Satanic Holocaust
Split with Mutilator
Tracks 7-11 - live Brazil 1986 (?)
Tracks 1-6 - Slaughter Festival, Americana, São Paulo, Brazil, Sep. 20, 1986
Raw Has Hell/Eternal Kaos Productions RHH001
Given tracklisting: Correct tracklisting:
1. Evil Conspiracy 1. Evil Conspiracy - Mutilator (2:37)
2. Believers Of Hell 2. Believers Of Hell - Mutilator (3:33)
3. Massacre (Hellhammer cover) 3. Massacra (Hellhammer cover) - Mutilator (2:22)
4. Nuclear Holocaust 4. Nuclear Holocaust - Mutilator (4:47)
5. Bloodstorm 5. Blood Storm - Mutilator (4:38)
6. Mutilator 6. Mutilator - Mutilator (5:45)
7. Intro: Recrucify 7. Recrucify (Intro) (1:51)
8. Satanas 8. The Black Vomit (2:22)
9. Nightmare 9. Satanas (2:38)
10. I.N.R.I. 10. Nightmare (5:41)
11. The Last Slaughter 11. INRI (3:11)
-- -- 12. The Last Slaughter (5:01)

Same live tracks as the first half of the "Nights in Hell" bootleg, in lower quality here.

Bootleg states the Sarcófago half is "live at the Mental House, Brasil 86," but I cannot verify this.

Satanic Lust
Tracks 1-4 - "Christ's Death" Demo 1987
Tracks 5-7 - from "Warfare Noise" comp. LP 1986
Tracks 8-14 - live Brazil/South America in '80s
Acido Producciones AP013
Given tracklisting: Correct tracklisting:
1. Intro 1. Christ's Death guitar intro (0:21)
2. Satanas 2. Christ's Death (3:01)
3. Nightmare 3. Desecration Of Mary (2:01)
4. Third Slaughter 4. Satanic Lust (2:55)
5. Recrucify 5. Recrucify (2:33)
6. Black Vomit 6. The Black Vomit (2:26)
7. Satanas 7. Satanas (2:05)
8. Nightmare 8. Nightmare (6:08)
9. INRI 9. INRI (3:05)
10. The Last Slaughter 10. The Last Slaughter (5:44)
11. Satanas 11. Satanas (2:32)
12. Nightmare 12. Nightmare (7:33)
13. Tervet Kadeet (Covers) 13. Outsider (Terveet Kädet cover) (1:31)
-- -- 14. The Land Of Hope (Terveet Kädet cover) (0:46)

Has nothing to do with the earlier bootleg LP of the same name.

The live tracks are exactly the same as the last 7 tracks from the "Nights in Hell" bootleg CD. There are quite long multi-second gaps between the demo and comp. tracks, and minigaps between the live tracks.

Nothing new here. The bootleg only lists the tracks, not where they're from, but just looking at it most would think it's the "Satanic Lust" demo together with the "Nights in Hell" tracks. Rather stupid that there's a completely different demo on the bootleg than what the tracklist indicates.