Midnight In USA
Tracks 1-9 - Sherwood Hall, Salinas, CA, Oct. 1, 1983
Track 10 - San Francisco Civic Auditorium, San Francisco, CA, Sept. 25, 1984
Tracks 11-14 - Arlington Theatre, Santa Barbara, CA, Sept. 4, 1985
Bondage Music BON072
1. Hang' Em High [sic] (6:06)
2. Barroom Boogie (4:43)
3. Take You To The Limit (5:59)
4. Midnight In Tokyo (5:31)
5. Straight Thru The Heart (4:17)
6. I Believe In You (8:42)
7. Down And Dirty (3:54)
8. Mean Streak (4:01)
9. Hell Or High Water (4:10)
10. Black Tiger (5:15)
11. Open Fire (4:42)
12. Forever (5:54)
13. Mean Streak (incl. drum solo) (5:43)
14. Black Tiger (4:34)

Bootleg gives no specific dates for any of the three parts, just the locations and years.

The Salinas show was broadcast on BBC Radio's Rock Hour. This was sourced from a radio broadcast LP, so while it's soundboard audio, there are some occasional crackles and pops. There's an edit between tracks 4/5 just as "Midnight in Tokyo" begins to fade out (this was obviously where the first side of the record ended on the source LP). There are some other more subtle between-track edits during the Salinas show.

I think the San Fransisco gig is the same one that was released officially on video.

The Santa Barbara gig was broadcast on radio by King Biscuit, and there's some brief narration saying so at the beginning of track 11. All the Santa Barbara tracks have edits between them, even though "Mean Streak" and "Black Tiger" were played consecutively.