Last Temptation
New Haven Coliseum, New Haven, CT, Aug. 7, 1988
(Track 12 and possibly others from
Rochester Community War Memorial, Rochester, NY, Aug. 6, 1988)
Papillon Records Papillon CD 013
Given tracklisting: Correct tracklisting:
1. Hellion 1. The Hellion/Electric Eye (4:09)
2. Electric Eyes 2. Metal Gods (4:27)
3. Metal Gods 3. Sinner (2:18)
4. Sinner 4. Sinner (cont.) (4:39)
5. Breaking The Law 5. Breaking The Law (2:22)
6. I'm A Rocker 6. Come And Get It (4:45)
7. Head Are Gonna Roll 7. I'm A Rocker (4:05)
8. Turbo Lover 8. Some Heads Are Gonna Roll (4:17)
9. Ram It Down 9. Turbo Lover (5:37)
10. Heavy Metal 10. Ram It Down (4:54)
11. Living After Midnight 11. Heavy Metal (6:24)
12. Hell-Bent For Leather 12. Living After Midnight (5:01)
13. Victim Of Changes 13. Hell Bent For Leather (5:28)
14. Green Manhalishi 14. Victim Of Changes (7:36)
-- -- 15. The Green Manalishi
(With the Two-Pronged Crown) (4:29)

No recording information is given on the bootleg. All the previously available online info about this boot (and the other boots with the same material--the "Electric Eye" CD, "Lead Into Temptation" LP, and "In Concert" 2LP) only referred to it being the Aug. 7 New Haven show, but Rob clearly mentions Rochester during "Living After Midnight." So the audio here is actually the New Haven gig mixed with one or more tracks from the Rochester, NY show the night before. New Haven is only specifically mentioned in the stage banter before "Sinner," "I'm a Rocker," and "Green Manalishi." Since there are a lot of edits, it's impossible to know at this point if any other tracks were also sourced from the Rochester show.

Priest used the intro to "Blood Red Skies" to open gigs on the "Ram It Down" tour; you can barely make out a few seconds of it underneath all the crowd noise before "Hellion."

There are edits/jumps at the end of tracks 7 and 11, and an edit between 12/13. There seem to be more subtle edits at the end of tracks 4, 5, 8, 9, and 14 between songs.