The Devil
Selland Arena, Fresno, CA, Nov. 25, 1985
Flashback Worldproductions 12.91.0166
1. Looks That Kill (6:10)
2. Too Young To Fall In Love (3:32)
3. Shout [sic] (3:20)
4. City Boy Blues (4:34)
5. Louder Than Hell (2:25)
6. Knock 'Em Dead [sic] (3:43)
7. Home Sweet Home (3:56)
8. Live Wire (4:02)
9. Smoking In The Boys Room [sic]
(Brownsville Station cover) (6:22)
10. Helter Skelter
(Beatles cover) (4:25)
11. Use It Or Loose It [sic] (2:39)

First, a bit about the variants of this bootleg--Flashback released CD and LP bootlegs called "Shout at the Devil" and "The Devil," which use the same cover photo and contain the exact same material. There are 3 major variants of each format (I know some of the LPs were released on green vinyl, so there may be further variant combinations when taking vinyl colors into account, but I'm not getting into that here). I'm assuming "Shout at the Devil" came first (I'll get to why in a moment), and the name had to be changed to just "The Devil"--possibly to avoid conflict with the official Mötley Crüe album.

The main difference that came with the name change is that "Shout at the Devil" had the title printed on the cover underneath the band name, while "The Devil" has no title text (as pictured above) The serial number and UPC code were kept exactly the same even after the name change, and the layout has been kept the same except for the name change.

"Shout at the Devil" seems to have one CD version, with a silver disc face; "The Devil" has silver disc and gray disc versions. If you look at the gray disc version, you can see that the gray ink has been applied over what was originally a "Shout at the Devil" disc (it seems they had the "Shout..." discs and needed to change the name, so they just printed over the existing disc info with opaque ink).

It's a similar situation with the LPs. There's one LP version under each name, and then there's an additional variant of "The Devil" where the labels on the record are actually "Shout at the Devil" labels with "Shout at" blacked out in marker. As with the CDs, it seems like they had stuff with the "Shout at the Devil" name, and just made a quick fix so it could be used. The other version of "The Devil" has its own correctly-printed, unaltered labels.

Bootleg only states "live in Fresno/California 1985" with no specific date or venue info.

There are edits of some sort before tracks 10 and 11 as they start abruptly.

Hate Into Fire
Tracks 1-8 - live Tucson Convention Center, Tucson, AZ, Mar. 14, 1984
Track 9 - live US Festival,
Glen Helen Regional Park, San Bernardino, CA, May 29, 1983
Track 10 - interview after US Festival, May 29, 1983
Living Legend Records LLRCD 196
1. Shout At The Devil (4:37)
2. Knock'Em Dead [sic] (3:35)
3. Too Young To Fall In Love (4:05)
4. Red Hot (6:15)
5. Piece Of Your Action (3:52)
6. Looks That Kill (6:34)
7. Helter Skelter (Beatles cover) (3:31)
8. Live Wire (5:55)
9. Take It To The Top (4:34)
10. Interview (2:36)

This is the second CD version of "Hate into Fire." The original CD was released on Ironic Records and has some layout differences--while the cover is the same, there's no yellow circle giving info about the interview on the Ironic version (though the interview is included and the audio content of the CDs are exactly the same). The Ironic version also has a picture of the band on the back inlay, while the Living Legend version does not. There are also a couple of vinyl versions of "Hate into Fire" which all contain the same material as the CDs.

The interview is mentioned as being "recorded after the US Festival 1983," but no specific information is given for the other tracks, just "RECORDED LIVE IN THE USA IN 1983 AND 1984." The booklet includes some photos and a biography of the band in German.

The Tuscon tracks are from an opening gig for Ozzy and were recorded for a radio broadcast. Track 1 has the "In the Beginning" intro before "Shout..." There's a guitar solo at the end of "Red Hot."

Bach's Toccata and Fuge in D minor is played over the PA before track 9 ("Take It to the Top" was the first song of their US Festival set).

The interview track was recorded for Westwood One at the US Festival--it's with Vince and Nikki.