Demos '88-'90
Tracks 1-3 - "Dismembered" Demo 1988
Tracks 4-7 - Rehearsal Demo 1989
Tracks 8-10 - "Last Blasphemies" Demo 1989
Tracks 11-13 - "Reborn In Blasphemy" Demo 1990
Label unknown
1. Deathevokation
2. Substantually Dead
3. Defective Decay
4. Deranged From Blood
5. Blasphemies Of The Flesh
6. Selfdissection
7. Deathevokation
8. Deranged From Blood
9. Blasphemies Of The Flesh
10. Selfdissection
11. Intro/Dismembered
12. Sickening Art
13. Defective Decay

The rehearsal demo suffers from the worst quality of any of the material here, but is certainly listenable--otherwise the overall quality is pretty good. Tracks 8-10 are only listed as "Demo II;" the bootleg makes no reference to the specific demo title "Last Blasphemies."

Be warned, there seems to be a mass-produced CD-R version of this bootleg which uses the same cover art, but I don't have it to compare to the real CD.

The complete "Dismembered," "Last Blasphemies," and "Reborn in Blasphemy" demos have been officially reissued on the "Complete Demos" release (despite the title, the '89 reh. demo is not included).

The Demos
Split with Unleashed
Tracks 1-3 - see Unleashed page
Tracks 4-6 - "Dismembered" Demo 1988
Demos Records DR 063
Given tracklisting: Correct tracklisting:
1. The Dark One 1. Ancient Dead - Unleashed(4:38)
2. Ancient Dead 2. The Dark One - Unleashed (4:04)
3. Violent Ecstasy 3. Violent Ecstasy - Unleashed (3:53)
4. Deathevokation 4. Deathevokation (5:01)
5. Substantually Dead 5. Defective Decay (4:48)
6. Defective Decay 6. Substantually Dead (2:43)

"Defective Decay" cuts off a few seconds early, during the scream at the end.


A bootleg CD-R of the three studio demos called "Last Dismembered Blasphemies" (released by Mastercult) also exists.