Ball Breaker
City Square, Milan, Italy, Sept. 19, 1994
Banzai BZCD 039
1. Cyclops (8:20)
2. 1000 Points of Light (3:53)
3. Gods Of War (4:53)
4. Change Of Heart (5:06)
5. Laughing In The Hiding Bush (4:49)
6. Hell No (7:21)
7. Tears Of The Dragon (6:24)
8. Shoot All The Clowns (7:38)
9. Secret Cowboys [sic] (4:09)
10. Son Of A Gun (5:42)
11. Fire (5:37)
12. Tattoed Millionaire [sic] (5:30)

Bruce flops a bit and repeats some of the 1st verse in the 2nd verse on both "Gods of War" and "Son of a Gun."

It's not noticeable in the audio, but some dead time was edited out between "Sacred Cowboys" and "Son of a Gun" (the encore), which you can see in video footage of this show.

Los Angeles 1990
Split with Judas Priest
Tracks 1-9 - Astoria Theatre, London, UK, June 27, 1990
Tracks 10-17 - see Judas Priest page
Live Storm LSCD 51156
1. Riding With The Angels (Russ Ballard cover)
2. Born In '58
3. Lickin' The Gun
4. Hell On Wheels
5. All The Young Dudes (Mott The Hoople cover)
6. Tattooed Millionaire
7. Sin City (AC/DC cover)
8. Wishing Well (Free cover)
9. Black Night (Deep Purple cover)
10. Riding On The Wind - Judas Priest
11. Grinder - Judas Priest
12. Heading Out To The Highway - Judas Priest
13. Between The Hammer And The Anvil - Judas Priest
14. Better By You Better Than Me
(Spooky Tooth cover) - Judas Priest
15. Leather Rebel - Judas Priest
16. Hell Bent For Leather - Judas Priest
17. You've Another Thing Coming - Judas Priest

This bootleg was originally released in 1991 on the Post Script label. This Live Storm '94 press is a reissue. The covers and general layout are pretty much the same, but there are differences in the spines, the CD press information on the back insert, and the on-disc printing.

The "Los Angeles 1990" info given is applicable only for the Judas Priest portion of the bootleg; the Dickinson gig was in the UK, as noted above.

I believe some of these Astoria recording were used as live tracks on some of Bruce's early singles such as "Dive! Dive! Dive!" Track 1 appeared as a bonus track on the first reissue of "Tattooed Millionare," and the later 2CD reissue contained a few more songs from this gig on the bonus disc.

There's a subtle break between tracks 3 and 4.

"Wishing Well" is given Black Sabbath writing credits on the bootleg, but it's not the song from "Heaven and Hell," it's the Free song.

A good quality show, and some of the covers are well done. Unfortunately, he hadn't started doing Maiden songs yet, and the solo stuff from Bruce's first album isn't quite as good as some of the later ones. Only worthwhile if you want the Dickinson half of the boot, as the Priest material is available elsewhere.