Hungarian Rock
Monsters of Rock festival
Népstadion, Budapest, Hungary, Aug. 22, 1991
No Future Records NFR - 374
1. Enter Sandmann [sic] (5:25)
2. Creeping Death (8:27)
3. Harvest Of Sorrow [sic] (4:58)
4. Fade To Black (partial) (4:59)
5. Sad But True (6:03)
6. Master Of Puppets (3:42)
7. Whiplash (4:26)
8. Last Caress (Misfits cover) (3:20)
9. Am I Evil (Diamond Head cover) (3:10)

There's a "Hungarian Rock" LP with the same material on the Vinyl Virus label, but the cover and layout are completely different from the CD version--while the content is the same, it was obviously done by another bootlegger.

"Fade to Black" fades out early before the song is finished.

The second half of track 8 is the intro to "Am I Evil?" There are a couple seconds of the beginning of "Battery" at the end of track 9.