We Have Arrived Over Belgium
Zaal St. Martinus, Oordegem, Belgium, Oct. 26, 1989
Label unknown
1. Darkness Descends (6:52)
2. The Burning Of Sodom (3:51)
3. Never To Rise Again (4:10)
4. Merciless Death (4:39)
5. No One Answers (8:00)
6. We Have Arrived (3:39)
7. Perish In Flames (6:17)

Bootleg gives no date information other than the year. This was the last gig of the Euro-tour with Nuclear Assault. It's mentioned in the stage banter, but this was one of the shows where Dan Lilker had to fill in on bass since Mike Gonzalez was in jail.

Shellshock / Dark Angel
Tracks 1-7 - Shellshock "Into the Inferno" demo 1983
Tracks 8-12 - Dark Angel "Hells On Its Knees" demo 1984
West Coast Rocker Records WCRR006
1. Into The Inferno - Shellshock
2. When The Axe Falls - Shellshock
3. Gonna Burn - Shellshock
4. Metalhead - Shellshock
5. Hammer Away - Shellshock
6. Road Warrior - Shellshock
7. Demon Domain - Shellshock
8. We Have Arrived - Dark Angel
9. Gonna Burn - Dark Angel
10. Eternal Captivity - Dark Angel
11. Metalhead - Dark Angel
12. Hells On Its Knees - Dark Angel

An LP version with a red-colored cover also exists. Shellshock is the pre-Dark Angel band with Don Doty, Jim Durkin, and Rob Yahn. I've seen it spelled both as one words and two words, but since they named themselves after the Tank song, I'm guessing as one word is technically more correct.

Take any info about this bootleg with a grain of salt, as there really isn't much of a way to authenticate info on the material. In almost every Dark Angel interview I've read that asks about the really early material, the answers are always ambiguous, usually something like "Oh, there were some old amateurish tapes."

These recordings were probably not made as official demos to be distributed, so I doubt any j-cards or paperwork exist. So, it's very possible that these recordings don't even have official titles. The bootleg has no information other than the tracklisting, the supposed tape titles, and dates. Track 7 may actually be called "Demon's Domain," but I can't verify this. The only photos in the layout are two non-rare photos of later Dark Angel from around the "We Have Arrived" era. The dates seem pretty likely, but again, I can't authenticate them, and I've seen conflicting info about them. To further add to the confusion, apparently after lineup changes and the name change to Dark Angel, some tapes of old Shellshock stuff were "distributed" under the new name.

To some extent, the Shellshock half has better sound than the Dark Angel half. Definitely essential for fans of the "We Have Arrived" era material, as it's very much in that vein with stereotypically glorious early US metal lyrics. In any case, exact information on these recordings will probably remain a mystery, so it's best to enjoy this at face value for what it is--solid early '80s metal with Don Doty singing.

The Official Demo Series
Split with Dark Tranquillity, Dark Angel, and Infernäl Mäjesty
Tracks 1-4 Dark Tranquillity "Trail Of Life Decayed" demo Sept. 1991
Tracks 5-7 Hunger Demo 1993
Tracks 8-11 Infernäl Mäjesty "Creation Of Chaos" demo 1991
Metal Invader
1. Midwinter (Intro) - Dark Tranquillity
2. Beyond Enlightenment - Dark Tranquillity
3. Vernal Awakening - Dark Tranquillity
4. Void Of Tranquillity - Dark Tranquillity
5. Face First - Hunger
6. Hear The Pain - Hunger
7. Caged - Hunger
8. What's What - Infernäl Mäjesty
9. Power Intrusion - Infernäl Mäjesty
10. Into The Unknown - Infernäl Mäjesty
11. Those About To Die - Infernäl Mäjesty

As far as I know, this was printed up as one of the various promo give-away CDs for the Greek 'zine Metal Invader, (hence the "Not For Sale" notice on the back insert), and is the first volume of their "The Official Demo Series" (don't know how high it ran up, at least to 8--more will appear here soon). While "official" is in the title, this seems to have been an unauthorized CD.

The CD comes with normal full inserts. The booklet contains pictures of all 3 bands, but otherwise the layout just uses generic backgrounds with the band logos. There are no pictures of the original demo covers. The country of origin for each band is listed in Greek. Sound quality on all parts is excellent.

Tracks 1-4 are Dark Tranquillity's first demo, which has since been officially released on CD as part of the "Yesterworlds" compilation.

Tracks 5-7 are the 1993 demo (the band calls it an EP) of Hunger, a post-Dark Angel project featuring Eric Meyer and Ron Rinehart. While they recorded about a dozen songs, this was their only officially-released material (you can find some of the others online). The CD uses the Dark Angel logo in the packaging for obvious reasons--namely, no one would care otherwise--but this demo is not truly affiliated with Dark Angel other than having ex-members. The sound here is modernized, crunchy '90s thrash--much, much worse than Dark Angel, but not quite as bad as Oil. This isn't stuff I would voluntarily listen to, although I guess given the Dark Angel pedigree of some members, it's a lesser evil among available options. Occasionally there's a decent riff, but for the most part, the start/stop playing style and riot vocals get very annoying.

Tracks 8-11 are Infernäl Mäjesty's "Creation of Chaos" demo, recorded after Chris Bailey and the "None Shall Defy" rhythm section had left the band. The vocalist here is Vince of Bloodwurm--probably more well-known for formerly being jailed due to "vampiric" activities and currently being dead than for any of his musical output. Even though they make the music seem a bit more death/thrash-like than the band's previous stuff, I personally dislike the vocals immensely--it's hard to tell whether he actually thought the evil tough-talk/aggro vocals would sound good over the music, or whether he just failed at pulling off Pestilence/Death style vocals. The music itself isn't bad, but is nowhere near the level of their '80s material. The demo previously appeared in bootleg form on a Reborn Classics split CD with the "None Shall Defy" album.