Basement Blitz - Secret Gig 1987
100 Club, London, UK, Aug. 20, 1987
Red Sun RSCD003
1. Intro - The Good, The Bad & The Ugly (1:21)
2. Creeping Death (6:44)
3. For Whom The Bell Tolls (4:26)
4. Fade To Black (3:09)
5. Fade To Black, Part 2 (7:03)
6. Fade To Black, Part 3 (4:20)
7. Leper Messiah (5:44)
8. Leper Messiah, Part 2 (2:48)
9. Phantom Lord (5:22)
10. Welcome Home (Sanitarium) (7:00)
11. Seek And Destroy (6:35)
12. Master Of Puppets (9:57)
13. Last Caress (Misfits cover) (1:23)
14. Am I Evil? (Diamond Head cover) (4:00)
15. Battery (5:07)

Secret gig where the band was billed as "Damage, Inc." "Fade to Black" and "Leper Messiah" are split into parts because there were power outages during the set (two during "Fade," one during "Leper").

There's a fade-out/fade-in between tracks 9 and 10, and it sounds like there's an edit between tracks 11 and 12.

There's an audio hiccup at 4:46 of "Master of Puppets."

The intro to "Damage, Inc." is played before "Battery."

Lots of fun little bits here. There's a brief rendition of the "Secret Agent Man" guitar riff and the "Creeping Death" drum intro during the 2nd "Fade to Black" interruption. Before "Leper Messiah," James warns (and threatens) audience members not to mess with the equipment, and during the downtime after the "Leper" power outage, there's a brief drum/guitar version of the intro to Deep Purple's "Highway Star." There's also a short out-of-tune rendition of "Holy Diver" after "Master of Puppets."

This show is the first time "Leper Messiah" was played live; James dedicates it to "Jim and Tammy" (as in the Bakker evangelists).