Hell In Copenhagen
Saga Theatre, Copenhagen, Denmark, Mar. 28, 1987
Thrash Till The Death Records/
Eternal Kaos Prods. XXX - 001
1. Lightning War
2. Demoniac
3. Flame Of The Antichrist
4. Blood Upon The Ice
5. Metal Forces
6. Fight With The Beast (partial)

A show from the band's European tour with Motörhead.

There are audio hiccups in track 3 at 5:09 and 5:15. "Fight with the Beast" fades out during the solo.

Obviously, one of the main points of interest here is Sy Keeler doing "In Search of Sanity" songs before he was sacked. "Lightning War" is a more straight-forward thrasher so his vocals fit nicely, and I wish they had released a studio version with him singing. He throws in his usual falsettos in "Blood Upon the Ice," but the melodic vocals in the chorus aren't very good--I actually prefer the Steve Grimmett version.

The layout for the bootleg doesn't look that bad visually (other than some misspellings and using a different font for "Lightning War" than the rest of the tracklisting), but it has a rather thrown-together feel. The bootlegger just used random bits from various eras of the band that have nothing to do with the audio. The "Power from Hell"-era logo and demon artwork are used along with lyrics to "Angels of Death"--a sore reminder that no songs from the first album are even on the boot. The band's "third album" is mentioned in a very short "biography" (which is itself mostly about the band's hardcore punk years) but doesn't even appear in the rudimentary discography in the booklet. All of the pics are of pre-"Power from Hell" lineups with the exception of the pic on the back cover of the booklet--ironically, a picture of "The Force" 5-member lineup with the "Power from Hell" 4-member lineup listed directly beneath it.

Live In Gateshead 01-12-1984
The Station, Gateshead, UK, Dec. 1, 1984
Classic Series 2 / 7
1. Overthrow The System [sic] (1:33)
2. Protest But Who Said You Will Survive (2:11)
3. Treading A Path Towards Death [sic] (2:29)
4. The Choice (4:19)
5. Skullcrusher (4:26)
6. Black Horse Of Famine (2:10)
7. Shadow Of Death (3:33)
8. Hear The Scream (5:12)
9. Steel Meets Steel (5:12)
10. Visions Of The Future [sic] (2:43)
11. Thermonuclear Devastation [sic] (1:30)
12. Witch Hunt (4:04)

Sound is ok overall, but not as good as some of the other live stuff I've heard from their early hardcore days. The audio has constant hiss.

Tracks have minigaps. During the track changeovers from 6-7 and 7-8, there's some repetition of a couple seconds of audio. There's an audio drop-out at 3:47 of "Skullcrusher."

This bootleg captures the band at an interesting transitional period. They're still predominantly a hardcore punk band at this point due to the amount of pre-album material, but on the newer tracks, you can hear the "Power from Hell" sound is almost fully developed.