Baptized In Blood
Longhorn, Stuttgart, Germany Dec. 19, 1991
Hix-Hax CD 6009
Given tracklisting: Correct tracklisting:
1. Suicide Machine 1. Intro
2. Left To Die 2. Suicide Machine/Left To Die
3. Flattening Of Emotions 3. Flattening Of Emotions
4. Zombie Ritual 4. Zombie Ritual
5. Together As One 5. Together As One
6. Within The Mind 6. Within The Mind
7. Living Monstrosity 7. Lack of Comprehension
8. Lack Of Comprehension 8. Living Monstrosity
9. Denial Of Life -- --
10. Vacant Planets -- --
11. Pull The Plug -- --

This is from Death's short European stint playing the Rock Hard Christmas festivals with Dismember/Cannibal Corpse/Pestilence/Napalm Death. On the 18th, the first day of the fests, they played Zürich, Switzerland, and this Stuttgart show was the first of the German gigs from Dec. 19-21. The extra songs listed on the bootleg were actually played at the Stuttgart show but are not on the CD.

The track 1 intro is some classical music piece.

The "rumors" Chuck mentions in the stage banter at the end of track 2 are probably in regards to the previous European tour in which Death toured without him (and subsequently, some questioned his mental state).

Good show soundwise but not enough old stuff to satisfy me. Had the last 3 songs of the set been added, it would have helped.

There was a later LP pressing of this show also under the "Baptized in Blood" title with totally different artwork. I don't have it, but it apparently contains the full set including the songs missing here.

Demos #1 #2 & 1984 Rehearsal
Tracks 1-5 - "Death By Metal" Demo 1984
Tracks 6-11 - "Reign Of Terror" Demo 1985
Tracks 12-15 - Mantas rehearsal 1984
Tracks 15-17 - Mantas live July 1984 (?)
Devil Metal Records
1. Legion Of Doom
2. Evil Dead
3. Beyond The Unholy Grave
4. Power Of Darkness
5. Death By Metal
6. Corpse Grinder
7. Summon To Die
8. Zombie (instrumental)
9. Witch Of Hell
10. Reign Of Terror
11. Slaughterhouse
12. Poison (Venom cover)
13. Death By Metal
14. Evil Dead
15. Zombie
16. Black Magic (Slayer cover)
17. Demon Flight

Note that there are two versions of the bootleg (both are normal silver CDs) with slight layout differences. What I'm assuming to be the earlier one has a thinner Times New Roman style font for the title and tracklistings. The one I have has bold italic text. As with the companion bootleg below, the layout and on-disc printing may be different, but as I haven't seen the inner booklet or the disc of the other pressing, I can't be sure.

The "Death By Metal" demo on this CD is the Death version as opposed to the Mantas version, which had the song "Mantas" on it instead of "Beyond the Unholy Grave" (this 5-track Mantas version is itself not the first version, as there's also an earlier 4-song version with different recordings). I'm not sure when exactly they started selling the new version under the Death name or exactly when "Beyond the Unholy Grave" was recorded.

Parts of "Legion of Doom" were later used for the song "Spiritual Healing," and "Corpse Grinder" would of course later appear on Massacre's "From Beyond" album.

The second version of "Zombie" has vocals.

Tracks 12-15 have no date information other than the year, and the last 2 are listed as being from July 1984. There are breaks between all these tracks. I suspect the tracks listed as the "July 1984" rehearsal may actually be live, since "Demon Flight" has an introduction/stage banter and there's crowd noise.

Demos #3 #4 #5
Tracks 1-3 - "Infernal Death" Demo Mar. 1985
Tracks 4-10 - "Back From The Dead" Demo Oct. 1985
Tracks 11-13 - "Mutilation" Demo April 1986
Tracks 14-16 - Rehearsal Aug. 20, 1986
Track 17 - live 1984 (????)
Devil Metal Records
1. Baptized In Blood
2. Archangel
3. Infernal Death
4. Intro/Back From The Dead
5. Mutilation
6. Reign Of Terror
7. Beyond The Unholy Grave
8. Baptized In Blood
9. Legion Of Doom
10. Skill To Kill
11. Land Of No Return
12. Zombie Ritual
13. Mutilation
14. Regurgitated Guts
15. Sacrificial Cunt
16. Torn To Pieces
17. Curse The Priest [sic]

As with the above boot, there are two versions of the bootleg (both are silver CDs) with slight layout differences. What I'm assuming to be the earlier one has a more normal typeface font instead of the stylized one above, and also has the tracklisting on the back insert bunched up at the right. I've also heard the on-disc printing is different; the one on my copy has the old Death logo and the skeleton warrior from the "Reign of Terror" bootleg 7" (I'm not sure if Death used this artwork themselves for anything).

The track 4 intro is from Alfred Hitchcock Presents.

The cover lists the last track as from 1987, but elsewhere on the boot it's listed as being a Brandon, FL rehearsal from 12-31-84. I think the other version of the bootleg lists it consistently as 1987. The song is listed as a rehearsal but there's definitely a crowd and some anti-poser stage banter. I'm not exactly sure which live show this is from, possibly the Dec. 30, 1984 gig at Ruby's Pub?

Infernal Death 1985
Tracks 1-3 - "Infernal Death" Demo Mar. 1985
Tracks 4-11 - "Back From The Dead" Demo Oct. 1985
Track 12 - Slaughter rehearsal track 1986 (?)
Tracks 13-14 - "Rehearsal 86" tape March 28, 1986 (unconfirmed)
Earpaine 6014
1. Infernal Death
2. Baptized In Blood
3. Arch Angel
4. Intro (From "Alfred Hitchcock Presents")
5. Back From The Dead
6. Mutilation
7. Reign Of Death
8. Beyond The Unholy Grave
9. Baptized In Blood
10. Legion Of Doom
11. Skill To Kill
12. Fuck Of Death - Slaughter
13. Land Of No Return
14. Zombie Ritual

On the insert, the tracks are not individually numbered, but are broken down into 4 numbered sections.

The two demos don't sound like they got any remastering or sound clean-up, and so sound a bit worse than on other bootlegs. Depending on your taste, this may be a plus--on some other versions of "Skill to Kill" I've heard, the guitars are boosted and drown out a lot of the vocals. Quality is probably comparable to very good tape dubs.

The only specific date given is the March 28th date for the last two tracks. The "Back from the Dead" demo is incorrectly listed as being from '86.

"Skill to Kill" quickly fades out a bit before the song actually ends.

Regarding track 12, "Fuck of Death" is listed as "SLAUGHTER WITH EVIL CHUCK ON VOCALS 1985." That makes the warning flag immediately go up since the Jan. '86 rehearsal on the Slaughter "Fuck of Death" release was supposed to be the very first rehearsal done with Chuck in Canada. The vocals on this track are more Slaughter-like and don't sound like Chuck at all, although that really isn't a problem, since I didn't think any of the vocals on the "Fuck of Death" sessions really sounded like Chuck, except for perhaps the Death songs. I'm not even sure how they divided up the vocal duties when Chuck played with Slaughter.

Track 12 is not from the "Fuck of Death" sessions anyway since there are obvious sound differences. Although Chuck did more rehearsals with Slaughter that could have been recorded, after comparing carefully, I believe this track is just a low quality version of a regular 1986 Slaughter rehearsal track (same version on the 2nd disc of the Slaughter "Tortured Souls" boxset) that didn't involve Chuck at all.

I'll confuse things further by pointing out there is a cover for a "86 Rehearsal" tape by Death floating around online that just so happens to be a 3-song version of the '86 rehearsal containing the last 3 tracks on this bootleg. How convenient! The date is written in European order, so it obviously wasn't any sort of official vintage Death release. I think this bootleg may have actually been the cause of this--as the last 3 songs on this bootleg are grouped together, I'm guessing someone pretended the Slaughter song went along with the two Death reh. tracks and made a tape cover for it. I suspect people don't admit to being fooled by this sham because it's embarassing to admit you don't know what Slaughter sounds like. If you feel this 3-song "version" of the rehearsal exists, feel free to produce a Slaughter cover done by Death's '86 lineup to prove your case.

The intro to "Zombie Ritual" is quite interesting since there is only one guitar track.

For the casual fan, there are probably easier ways to get the demos. Die-hards from the Legion of Doom may get excited by the last two tracks since they differ a bit from the album versions. And of course, hardcore Schuldiner fellaters will want this regardless of what's on it.

Finally, I'd like to point out that quite stupidly, the cover for this bootleg is plastered everywhere online nowadays as if it were the original cover for the "Infernal Death" demo. It uses the same fonts, layout, and tarot card-derived art as every other Earpaine bootleg.

Symphonic Technicalogy
Club Citta', Kawasaki, Japan, Sept. 8, 1995
Jailbait Records JBCD-004
1. Spiritual Healing
2. The Philosopher
3. Suicide Machine
4. Crystal Mountain
5. Jealousy
6. Zero Tolerance
7. Lack Of Comprehension
8. Flattening Of Emotione [sic]
9. Empty Words
10. Open Casket
11. Symbolic
12. Zombie Ritual
13. Pull The Plug

The bootleg itself only gives the location as "Live In Japan 1995." They apparently played Club Citta' on the 9th too but I've been told the show is from the 8th. There are short breaks/fades between tracks.

Sound quality is very good, though that really doesn't help a show sorely lacking in older classics.

This same gig appears on the "Baptized In Gore" CD-R, which is a cheap Omerta bootleg.


"Not Forgotten Past" and "Spiritual Mutilation" are CD-Rs.

The "Zero Tolerance" CDs are not true bootlegs and will never be featured here. So stop whining.