Europe and Beyond "Live in Germany 1991"
Aladin, Bremen, Germany, Oct. 6, 1991 (?)
Label unknown
Given tracklisting: Correct tracklisting:
1. Intro/Hellbound 1. Intro (Hellbound: Hellraiser II theme)
2. Biohazard 2. Biohazard
3. Cryptic Realms 3. Cryptic Realms
4. Dawn Of Eternity 4. Chamber Of Ages
5. Chamber Of Ages 5. Dawn Of Eternity
6. Inhuman Condition 6. Inhuman Condition
7. From Beyond 7. From Beyond
8. Defeat Remains 8. Defeat Remains
9. Succubus 9. Succubus
10. Reigns Of Insanity 10. Plains of Insanity
11. Corpsegrinder 11. Corpsegrinder

No specific date or location info is given, but this is a basically a CD version of the old splatter vinyl LP bootleg "Europe and Beyond Tour 1991" (which is where the recording info above comes from). Going by the stage banter, this is the last German show for their tour with Morgoth, who get a song dedication from Kam. I believe Immolation played this show, and also by this time, I think Devastation had dropped off the Massacre/Morgoth tour. Again, if anyone can confirm these things, let me know.

It sounds like there is some vinyl noise here and there, so this was probably sourced from the "Europe and Beyond Tour 1991" LP. The bootlegger obviously didn't know much about Massacre, though...The mistake calling "Plains of Insanity" "Reigns of Insanity" actually originated with the LP version and was not corrected. The band bio from the back of the booklet seems to be pieced together from various website biographies (or possibly the other way around?). The bio also states that "Infestation of Death" was a 1990 demo, but of course it was a compilation CD of early material released later.

Note above how tracks 4 and 5 are swapped when comparing the actual audio to the tracklist. The original bootleg LP also had "Dawn of Eternity" listed before "Chamber of Ages" on its tracklisting, and that's indeed the actual order in which they were played during the gig, as you can hear in the breaks and remnants of guitar feedback and stage banter. If you are reading this and happen to have the LP bootleg, please let me know if the tracks are also switched on the LP, or if the tracklisting is correct. I'm not sure whether both the LP and CD bootleg swap these songs.

There is a small sound glitch at 2:37 of "Chamber of Ages" where a split-second or so is lost. It's during one of Kam's screams, so you hear him starting out with the deep death vocals and it suddenly cuts to his high scream.

Track 7 fades out at the end.

Track 8 fades out during guitar feedback, but track 9 picks up right where it left off, without any sort of edit or jump.

The background hiss suddenly increases when "Corpsegrinder" begins. I don't think there was an edit or break, but it's hard to tell with the hiss.

Was Kam getting tired after all the European shows? At one point he refers to the crowd as "German," but catches his mistake and adds a "y" in a second later. While making a dedication to Morgoth before "Inhuman Condition," at first he says it's Massacre's last show with them, but then jokingly corrects himself a second later with "except for one more in Denmark."

Excellent material considering it's the entire first album except for "Symbolic Immortality" and half of the EP. The sound quality ends up being only average, as there's background hiss (though it isn't too intrusive) and the vocals are audible but quite soft compared to the other instruments.