Strappado/Not Dead Yet
Tracks 1-9 - Slaughter "Strappado" LP 1987
Tracks 10-17 - Strappado "Not Dead Yet" Demo 1991
Headache Records HR 020

1. Strappado
2. The Curse
3. Disintegrator
4. Incinerator
5. Parasites
6. F.O.D. (Fuck Of Death)
7. Tortured Souls
8. Nocturnal Hell
9. Tales Of The Macabre
10. Not Dead Yet
11. Flake
12. Threshold Of Pain
13. Time Warp
14. Death Comes Ripping Through You
15. The Dark
16. Astral Projector
17. Screams

Everything on this bootleg has since been officially re-released, so this is mainly of historical note as the first ever CD version of "Strappado," pre-dating both the Fringe/Diabolic Force and Nuclear Blast CD pressings. Back insert and inside of the booklet even use the Fringe logo.

The Slaughter half was sourced from vinyl and there's quite a bit of surface noise. About 34 seconds into "Parasites," the right channel drops out for the rest of the song.

The bottom image above is the backside of the booklet; the bootlegger just took the Strappado tape artwork, cropped out the logo that was above the tombstone, and slapped on a Slaughter logo. "Not Dead Yet" was technically not a Slaughter release, even though the newer reissues of "Not Dead Yet/Parnormal" are under the Slaughter name and most of the material originated as Slaughter songs.

By the way, if you can help with a reasonably large good-quality scan of the Strappado logo I can use for the page, please let me know.