Christmas Pandemonium
Tracks 1-2 - Rockfabrik, Ludwigsburg, Germany, June 12, 1991 (?)
Tracks 3-4 - Vera, Groningen, Netherlands, Feb. 25, 1990 (?)
Tracks 5-6 - Biskuithalle, Bonn, Germany, Feb. 13, 1990
Tracks 7-8 - Jugendzentrum, St. Ingbert, Germany, June 13, 1991 (?)
Tracks 9-13 - Burgebrach, Germany, Aug. 31, 1990 (?)
Tracks 14-15 - possibly Rockfabrik, Augsburg, Germany, June 27, 1990 (?)
Morto Securo / Slow Death sld xmas 1992
Given tracklisting: Correct tracklisting:
1. The Dark One 1. The Dark One - Unleashed
2. If They Had Eyes 2. If They Had Eyes - Unleashed
3. Critical Madness 3. Critical Madness - Autopsy
4. Pagan Saviour 4. Pagan Saviour - Autopsy
5. Die Hard 5. Die Hard - Venom
6. Harder Than Ever 6. Harder Than Ever - Venom
7. Gods Of Hate 7. Gods Of Hate - Massacra
8. Full Of Hatred 8. Full Of Hatred - Massacra
9. Slowly We Rot 9. Slowly We Rot - Obituary
10. Immortal Visions 10. Words Of Evil - Obituary
11. Infernal Bleeding 11. Deadly Intentions/Godly Beings - Obituary
12. Elliot 12. The Beyond - Morgoth
13. Lies Of Distrust 13. Lies Of Distrust - Morgoth
14. Abyss Of Addiction/Hallucinations 14. Fatal Step/Hallucinations - Atrocity
15. Defeated Intellect 15. A Prison Called Earth - Atrocity

The booklet lists specific dates for all tracks, but no location information is provided. Truthfully, of the information I've provided above, I'm only really confident about the Venom tracks.

For a number of the tracks, the introduction/stage banter will begin at the end of the preceding track, even if it's from a different band/show (for example, the Massacra stage banter actually begins at the very end of track 6).

The Unleashed tracks are listed as being from "14.06.1991," and I could find no info about any kind of show on that date. It sounds like Johnny mentions Ludwigsburg during "The Dark One," and there seems to have been a show there on June 12, 1991. Johnny says "Vielen Dank" at the end, so at the very least, it's definitely in a German-speaking country. Tracks 1 and 2 have a break between them.

The Autopsy tracks are listed as being from 25.02.1990. If this date is correct, it corresponds to the Groningen show of the "Bloodbrothers" tour with Bolt Thrower and Pestilence. Once again, these tracks are broken and non-continuous.

Mantas mentions Bonn in the intro to "Harder Than Ever," and the 13.02.90 date correctly corresponds to that show. During the first verse of "Die Hard," Tony Dolan accidentally sings part of the second verse.

If the 13.06.1991 date given for the Massacra tracks is correct, this corresponds with the St. Ingbert gig on their tour with Benediction.

The same 31.08.1990 date is given for both the Obituary and Morgoth parts. This would match up to the Burgebrach gig on their European tour with Demolition Hammer. Tracks 9-10 flow into each other. "Words of Evil" has a goodbye at the end, indicating it was the last song in the set, while track 11 has a band introduction and seems to have been the first song in the set. The Morgoth stage banter is all in German, so they're definitely in a German-speaking country.

The Atrocity tracks are listed as being from 27.06.1991. I could find no record of an Atrocity show on that date, including the extremely detailed gig history on their official site. There was a June 27th show in 1990, so it's possible there was just a date typo on the bootleg. However, the only possible problem is that I really question if Atrocity were playing "A Prison Called Earth" that early. In any case, all stage banter is in German.

New Wave Of British Heavy Metal
The Days On Stage!
Tracks 1, 4, 8 - Reading Festival, UK, Aug. 23, 1980
Track 2 - Reading Festival, UK, Aug. 28, 1981
Tracks 3, 5, 7 - Reading Festival, UK, Aug. 24, 1980
Track 6 - Switzerland, (Sept. 25 or possibly 24), 1983
Taurus Records Tau 104
1. Hard Times - Samson (4:25)
2. Watch Your Step - Girlschool (5:11)
3. Sledgehammer - Sledgehammer (4:14)
4. Fool For The Gods - White Spirit (9:38)
5. Wasted - Def Leppard (4:19)
6. Am I Evil? - Diamond Head (6:35)
7. Wild Catz - Tygers of Pan Tang (4:02)
8. The Ides Of March/Sanctuary - Iron Maiden (6:29)

Bootleg lists the Diamond Head track as being from Zurich, Sept. 25, 1983. Only 2 Swiss shows were scheduled for the 1983 tour with Black Sabbath--Sept. 24th was a gig in Frauenfeld, which may have been cancelled. The actual show on the 25th was at the Pavillon Des Sports Del Champel Geneve in Geneva. Unfortunately there's no stage banter during the track which would further aid positive identification.

There's a short John Sykes solo before "Wild Catz."

As usual, towards the end of "Sanctuary," Maiden throw in the riff from Queen's "Keep Yourself Alive."