Makin' Music
Split with Radio Moscow
Track 1 - studio version
Tracks 2-5 - Radio Moscow 1987 self-titled MLP
Tracks 6-8 - live University of Leicester, Leicester, UK, Feb. 17, 1984
Black Ghost Record 91CD-0102
1. Makin' Music (long version) - Diamond Head
2. Hand Of Freedom - Radio Moscow
3. Regenerate - Radio Moscow
4. In Africa - Radio Moscow
5. King & Country - Radio Moscow
6. Announcer and introduction/Play It Loud/I Need Your Love - Diamond Head
7. Sucking My Love - Diamond Head
8. Canterbury (partial)/Am I Evil? - Diamond Head

Rather uninformative packaging here. There is no tracklisting or song information at all--the only information this bootleg gives about is contents is "Include unreleased live !!" The front cover is just a one-sided, one-panel insert. Radio Moscow is only mentioned on the back insert and spines.

"Makin' Music" is the extended version originally released on the 12" version of the single. It's a bonus track on reissues of the "Canterbury" album.

Tracks 2-5 are by Radio Moscow, a band Brian Tatler formed after the first Diamond Head breakup in 1985. Rather than heavy metal, the music is more in an AOR/80s rock vein.

Tracks 6-8 are from a University of Leicester show released on video as "Live in Concert." Ironically, track 6 starts immediately after the very beginning of the introduction where the announcer mentions the location. There are breaks and edits between the tracks--"Play It Loud" and "I Need Your Love" opened the gig, and "Am I Evil?" was the final song. Track 8 begins with the first verse or so of "Canterbury," after which the band plays "Am I Evil?" in its entirety. There are a few small dropouts and sound defects towards the end.