Godly Beings
Split with Sepultura
Tracks 1-7 - Dynamo Open Air Festival,
Eindhoven, Holland, May 20, 1991

Tracks 8-11 - see Sepultura page
Northwind 003
Given tracklisting: Correct tracklisting:
1. Godly Beings 1. Infected/Godly Beings
2. Turned Inside Out 2. Turned Inside Out
3. Cause Of Death 3. Cause Of Death
4. Body Bag 4. Body Bag
5. Chopped In Half 5. Chopped In Half
6. Slowly We Rot 6. Slowly We Rot
7. Words Of Evil 7. Words Of Evil
8. Hungry 8. Troops Of Doom - Sepultura
9. Slaves Of Pain 9. Slaves Of Pain - Sepultura
10. Beneath The Remains 10. Beneath The Remains - Sepultura
11. Lobotomy 11. Sarcastic Existence - Sepultura

No date information on the bootleg beyond Dynamo '91. Note the Sepultura bonus tracks are actually from the '90 Dynamo.

"Infected," "Godly Beings," (split into individual tracks) and "Body Bag" from this show were added to the reissues of the "World Demise" album as bonustracks. They have better quality there, although this is already a very good soundboard boot.

If you care, the cover artwork was also used as the back cover for the Anthrax "Seek and Destroy" boot LP.

It's Killing Time
Dynamo Club, Eindhoven, Holland, Apr. 11, 1992
Label unknown SD001
Given tracklisting: Correct tracklisting:
1. I'm In Pain 1. I'm In Pain/Godly Beings
2. Turned Inside Out 2. Turned Inside Out
3. In The End Of Life 3. In The End Of Life
4. Body Bag 4. Body Bag
5. Chopped In Half 5. Chopped In Half
6. Killing Time 6. Killing Time
7. Find The Arise 7. Find The Arise
8. Back To One 8. Back To One
9. Sickness 9. Sickness
10. Suffocation 10. Suffocation
11. The End Complete 11. The End Complete
12. Dying 12. Dying
13. Cause Of Death 13. Cause Of Death
14. Memories Remain 14. Memories Remain
15. Slowly We Rot 15. Slowly We Rot
16. Words Of Evil 16. Words Of Evil

The very first words to "I'm in Pain" aren't heard--the first audible vocal part is "rots in the pain..." though it's rather soft, and then the vocals kick in at their full volume. Sounds like John was away from the mic.

Date is confirmed by the audio itself--at the end of "Words of Evil," John says "see you tomorrow at the Aardschok festival."

Morbid Confessions
Tracks 1-10 - Sunset Club, Tampa, FL, Jan. 1, 1988 (?)
Tracks 11-12 - live tracks, unknown date/location
Earpaine 6011
1. Internal Bleeding (2:43)
2. Stinkupuss (3:13)
3. Drum Solo (2:09)
4. Immortal Visions (2:37)
5. Godly Beings (2:33)
6. Fight to the Death (7:17)
7. Find The Arise (2:59)
8. Slowly We Rot (3:39)
9. Gates To Hell (3:12)
10. Words Of Evil (2:30)
11. Slowly We Rot (3:14)
12. Immortal Visions (partial) (1:17)

No tracklisting anywhere on the bootleg. The date and location are what's on the boot, but I can't verify them. The first 10 tracks do seem to be from '88, since after "Godly Beings" John Tardy mentions they're working on their first album. If the Jan. 1 date is actually correct, they were likely still Xecutioner at that point.

Track 6 is an early version of "'Til Death," but I'm calling it by the old title because like the Xecutioner demo version, it has an uptempo section at the end (that the "Slowly We Rot" song totally lacks).

It sounds like there's an edit between the drum solo and "Immortal Visions."

The last two tracks are from a different, unspecified show. I'd be inclined to say it's also from around the "Slowly We Rot" period since I'm unaware of them playing "Immortal Visions" at all later on in their career. Track 12 fades out before the song is complete. Anyone have any more info about either show here?

Pain In The Last Path
Music Hall, Frankfurt, Germany, June 4, 1992
Death Enterprises DE 001
Given tracklisting: Correct tracklisting:
1. Find The Arise 1. Internal Bleeding (partial)/Godly Beings
2. Turned Inside Out 2. Turned Inside Out
3. Dying 3. Dying
4. Cause Of Death 4. Cause Of Death
5. I'm In Pain 5. I'm In Pain
6. Back To One 6. Back To One
7. Intoxicated 7. Intoxicated
8. The End Complete 8. The End Complete
9. Killing Time 9. Killing Time
10. Memories Remain 10. Memories Remain
11. Slowly We Rot 11. Slowly We Rot/Words Of Evil

Bootleg gives no specific recording information other than Europe 1992. It sounds like John thanks Frankfurt at the end of "Memories Remain," and the June 4th date corresponds to the Obituary/Napalm Death/Dismember show in Frankfurt that year.

Good show covering their first (and best) three albums. The sound becomes muffled for a few seconds during the first track and at the end of "Cause of Death" when the song speeds up and goes into the guitar solo, but otherwise, it's quite listenable.

The bootleg begins during the "Internal Bleeding" solo. There is a break between tracks 10 and 11, probably to cut out dead time between the end of "Memories Remain" and the encores.