Where Next To Conquer?
Live Nürnberg, Germany, Mar. 4, 1993
METHORN-Records MR 0015 (disc: BOLT 43)
Given tracklisting: Correct tracklisting:
1. The IVth Crusade 1. The IVth Crusade
2. Where Next To Conquer 2. Where Next To Conquer
3. This Time It's War 3. This Time It's War
4. Afterlife 4. World Eater/Cenotaph
5. Cenotaph 5. Ritual
6. Ritual 6. Warmaster
7. War Master 7. Unleashed (Upon Mankind)
8. Unleashed 8. As The World Burns
9. As The World Burns 9. Spearhead
10. Spearhead -- --

A show from the "World Crusade" tour. The date is listed 04/03/93. As noted above, the CD has a serial number that doesn't correspond to anything on the inserts. The front insert is a one-sided panel.

Lead guitar is a bit low in the mix, but otherwise, very good sound. Sparse on early material--nothing from the debut and only one "Realms of Chaos" track, which I don't mind at all, considering "Warmaster" is my favorite album. There's really nothing extraordinary about the show (unless you consider Karl Willetts complaining about his flu in the stage banter to be extraordinary), and the tracklisting is very similar to the official "Live War" CD from a '92 gig, which is better in both recording quality and energy. Still, this delivers what the packaging promises--live Bolt Thrower.