First Tyger
Reading Festival, UK, Aug. 24, 1980
Nightlife N-047
1. Euthanasia
2. Bad Times
3. Rock N Roll Man [sic]
4. Badger Badger
5. Slave To Freedom
6. John Sykes Solo
7. Wild Cats [sic]
8. Fireclown
9. Suzie Smiled
10. Straight As A Die
11. Money
12. Don't Touch Me There
13. Tush (ZZ Top cover)

John Sykes' second gig with the band. Generally very good sound for the recording's age, although there's some static in the background and a pair of short spots where the sound gets shaky. I'm not sure if the Tygers' show was one of the Reading sets that was broadcast on radio or not. The vocals seem slightly distorted.

There's a jump at 3:23 on "Slave to Freedom" in the middle of the last verse, and the last 3 lines of the song are skipped over. There are also breaks between tracks 5/6, 9/10, and 12/13.

Marquee, London, UK, October 6, 1980
Real Thing RTCD-027
Given tracklisting: Correct tracklisting:
1. Euthanasia 1. Euthanasia
2. Rock'N Roll Man 2. Euthanasia (continued)/
Bad Times
3. Insanity 3. Rock And Roll Man
4. Badger Badger 4. Insanity
5. Fireclown 5. Badger Badger
6. Wild Catz 6. Fireclown
7. Suzie Smiled 7. Wild Catz
8. Money 8. Suzie Smiled
9. Don't Touch Me There 9. Straight As A Die
10. Slave To Freedom 10. Money
11. Tush 11. Don't Touch Me There
-- -- 12. Slave To Freedom
-- -- 13. Tush (ZZ Top cover)

Date is given as June 10, 1980--probably an honest mistake on the bootlegger's part due to the different day/month order of dating styles. The disc itself makes no reference to the Tygers and is printed with fake songtitles to avoid bootleg detection whereever the disc was pressed. This lacks some of the raw energy of the "First Tyger" bootleg, as the sound seems slightly more restrained and muffled, but thankfully, it's mostly free of static and defects.

There is a fade-out/fade-in between tracks 7 and 8 and a break between tracks 10 and 11.

There may be some kind of drop-out, sound oddity, or edit 3 seconds into to "Tush," as part of the song introduction seems slurred/incomprehensible. In case it's not clear from the stage banter, Gary Moore of Thin Lizzy fame plays on "Tush." He attended this gig and the band invited him to play with them on the encore.