Angel Of Disease
Tracks 1-13 - W‚ldrock Festival, Bergum, Holland, July 4, 1992
Track 14 - ?
Blasphemy Records 001
Given tracklisting: Correct tracklisting:
1. Intro 1. Immortal Rites/Suffocation
2. Immortal Rites 2. Blasphemy Of The Holy Ghost
3. Blasphemy Of The Holy Ghost 3. Fall From Grace
4. Fall From Grace 4. Abominations
5. Abominations 5. Brainstorm
6. Brainstorm 6. Visions From The Dark Side
7. Visions From The Dark Side 7. Lord Of All Fevers And Plague
8. Lord Of All Fevers And Plague 8. Day Of Suffering
9. Day Of Suffering 9. Damnation
10. Blessed Are The Sick 10. Angel Of Disease
11. Damnation 11. Evil Spells
12. Angel Of Disease 12. Maze Of Torment
13. Evil Spells 13. Chapel Of Ghouls
14. Haze Of Torment [sic] 14. Fall From Grace
15. Chapel Of Ghouls -- --

W‚ldrock is not mentioned on the bootleg, but David Vincent mentions they're playing at a festival in the stage banter. In Bergum, that would obviously be W‚ldrock.

Track 9 seems to be introduced as "Blessed Are The Sick," but "Damnation" is played with no obvious edits (?).

The last track is not a continuous part of the others and has different sound quality (the crowd noise is less prominent), so I assume it's a live version of "Fall From Grace" from another gig.

The Beginning
from 1985 demos
Label unknown
1. The Gate/Demon Seed
2. Evil Spells
3. The Gate/Demon Seed
4. Evil Spells
5. Evil Spells
6. (Unlisted)
7. (Unlisted)

Tracks 1 and 2 feature vocals by Dallas Ward. Tracks 3-5 feature lead vocals by Kenny Bamber (a local metal vocalist who they tried out). Track 4 is listed as having Dallas on vocals, but it's got the same helium-high vocals all the way through like the other Kenny tracks.

The last two tracks are not mentioned anywhere on the CD. Track 6 is a long track of acoustic guitar playing. Track 7 starts off with some deep philosophical comments, followed by a mock introduction for a band called Chaos (it's unclear whether this the actual name or not) and a brief bit of what seems to be an instrumental jam session.

Mike Browning has stated that the bonus track (he only mentioned it in the singular, so I assume he means track 7) was a post-Morbid Angel band Dallas was in. Whether this applies to both unlisted tracks or not is unclear.

Blessed Are The Boots...
Tracks 1-12 - Live Fagersta, Sweden, Feb. 6, 1990 (or June 2?)
Track 13 - live ?
Track 14 - live ?
Track 15 - live ?
Track 16 - from "Abominations of Desolation"
Track 17 - live Escapades, Jersey City, NJ, Oct. 12, 1988
Label unknown M.E. 9101
Given tracklisting: Correct tracklisting:
1. Immortal Rites 1. Immortal Rites
2. Suffocation 2. Suffocation
3. Visions From The Dark Side 3. Visions from the Dark Side
4. Damnation 4. Damnation
5. Thy Kingdom Come 5. Thy Kingdom Come
6. Desolate Ways 6. Abominations
7. The Gate 7. Blasphemy
8. Maze Of Torment 8. Maze Of Torment
9. We Shall Rise 9. Dead Shall Rise (Terrorizer cover)
10. Unholy Blasphemies 10. Unholy Blasphemies
11. Chapel Of Ghouls 11. Chapel Of Ghouls
12. Welcome To Hell 12. Evil Spells
13. Bleed For The Devil 13. Bleed For The Devil
14. Fall From Grace 14. Fall From Grace
15. Blessed Are The Sick 15. Blessed Are The Sick
16. The Invocation 16. The Invocation
17. Burial 17. Funerals (?)

There are two color variants of this bootleg, one with blue disc art and one with red disc art.

No recording info of any kind is given on the bootleg. The bootleg is commonly said to be from a '91 show, which really doesn't make sense given the tracklisting. David mentions Fagersta as the location as the beginning of "Desolate Ways," and later states it's their second time in Sweden. The show was videotaped, but I'm unsure of the date order. It's also unclear what the venue was--the video commonly lists it as Rockborgen, but I've seen Folketspark mentioned too. Can someone clear that up?

The volume dips for a moment at 3:00 of track 4. There are also sound glitches at 3:31 and 3:55 of track 7 (if you have this CD too, please verify if they are on your copy). There's occasionally a subtle noise during track changes.

A pair of legendary Scandinavian 'zine editors get a dedication at the beginning of "Blasphemy."

The guitar in "Evil Spells" doesn't start until the end of the first verse; actually, the intro sounds awesome solely on bass.

Track 12 fades out, and then the bootleg seems to present a bunch of random live tracks. Track 12 is mentioned as the last song and 11/12 were already encores, so I think it's pretty safe to say none of the tracks past 12 are from the Swedish gig.

Tracks 13 and 14 end abruptly. It may be possible tracks 14/15 are from the same show. "Blessed are the Sick" is dedicated to "The Unleashed," so it may very well be from one of the fall '91 U.S. shows with Unleashed and Entombed.

Tracks 16-17 are the same stuff as on the Slaughter Lord split bootleg EP. 16 is just "The Invocation" (without segueing into "Chapel of Ghouls"). Track 17 is the infamous, supposedly-dumped "Funeral"/"Funerals" song taken from a live NJ show with Immolation. I can offer no further insight on the origin of this song.

Sound quality on the Fagersta tracks isn't that great--the vocals more prominent and everything else is a bit pushed back and subdued. Though on that note, I rather like the vocals here, they're raspier like the first LP and not as guttural as they'd later become.

The same material is also available under another guise on the "Live Madness Over Europe 89-91" bootleg CD. If you can clear up any info on any of the points I mentioned, please contact me.

Evil Demos
Tracks 1-3 - Rehearsal Jan. 30, 1987
Tracks 4-7 - Rehearsal Feb. 1986
Track 8 - Rehearsal Nov. 1986
Tracks 9-12 - Rehearsal July 4, 1986
Tracks 13-15 - "Thy Kingdom Come" Demo 1987
Slow Death Records SLD 6013
1. Unholy Blasphemies
2. Chapel Of Ghouls
3. Evil Spells
4. Chapel Of Ghouls
5. Abominations
6. Hellspawn [sic]
7. Welcome To Hell
8. Bleed For The Devil
9. Damnation
10. Reanimators Mutilations [sic] (Incubus cover)
11. Chapel Of Ghouls
12. Hellspawn [sic]
13. Thy Kingdom Come
14. Abominations
15. Blasphemy Of The Holy Ghost

There is a new knock-off of this bootleg with H.R. Giger cover art. It adds three bonus tracks (from "The Beginning" bootleg above), but has poorer soundquality.

Companion bootleg to the "Evil Live" CD. Note that both bootlegs seems to have gold/bronze and yellow-colored cover variants/pressings. There are also versions of both "Evil Demos" and "Evil Live" on Earpaine Records (with their normal layout style and tarot art covers). The tracklisting and content is exactly the same as the Slow Death versions. Since the catalog numbers are the same for both sets of bootlegs, I think the Earpaine bootlegs probably came first, as they used "6000" numbers for their other bootlegs as well.

Tracks 8, 9, and 10 are vocalless.

Track 10 is technically an Incubus song. I assume Sterling von Scarborough brought it with him from the old Incubus lineup, but it's not clear if it was actually intended to be adopted as a Morbid Angel song. After he and Mike Browning left and reformed Incubus, it appeared on the Incubus 1987 demo in a faster form.

Evil Live
Tracks 1-7 - The International Club, Charlotte, NC, Jan. 23, 1988
Tracks 8-14 - Rock City, Tampa, Florida, May 25, 1986
Slow Death Records SLD 6015
1. Bleed For The Devil
2. Damnation
3. Maze Of Torment
4. Lord Of All Fevers And Plagues
5. Blasphemy Of The Holy Ghost
6. Hellspawn
7. Evil Spells (partial)
8. Unholy Blasphemies
9. Bleed For The Devil
10. Chapel Of The Ghouls [sic]
11. Azagthoth
12. Maze Of Torment (with drum solo)
13. (Guitar solo)/Hellspawn/(guitar solo)
14. Morbid Angel

Companion bootleg to the "Evil Demos" CD. As mentioned above, there's also a cover color variant and an Earpaine version of this CD. This material was also released as the "Live In Concert" silver-CD. However, that bootleg wrongly lists the shows as being live in New York City and Los Angeles. I cannot fully verify the location of the '88 gig, it's only what I've been told.

The 1986 material is from a 2-day Tampa metal fest with Massacre, Hellwitch, etc. that Morbid Angel headlined. This same gig is on the bootleg LP "Unholy Blasphemies" (which also contains the song "Lord of All Fevers and Plagues" at the end, although even with the extra song it's still an incomplete gig). Video footage of this show exists, although the audio here is from another source, possibly the soundboard.

Many of the tracks have some differences in lyrics and arrangements from later studio versions.

Most tracks have breaks/edits between them, although these are more subtle during the '88 stuff. There's a quick sound drop-out at 2:12 of track 3. "Evil Spells" suddenly cuts off after about a minute and a half into the song during the main solo, and the crowd noise for the '86 portion actually begins at the end of track 7. After the drum solo in the middle of the '86 "Maze of Torment," the audio jumps to later in the song.

Azagthoth noodles around a bit at the end of track 13. I don't recognize it as being a specific solo frong a song. It's not directly connected to "Hellspawn" and there's a break between the solo and track 14, so I'm not sure if the solo is supposed to be connected to any particular song as an intro/outro.

The song "Morbid Angel," played during some other early live gigs, starts off similarly to "Immortal Rites;" most of the song is quite different, so I'm not sure whether it's really correct to say it's an earlier version of "Immortal Rites" or whether they just recycled the riff.

Formulas 1998
Tracks 1-2 - from "Thy Kingdom Come" demo 1987
Tracks 3-16 - Live Erfurt, Germany, 1998 (?)
Splattermaniac Records MA-01
Given tracklisting: Correct tracklisting:
1. Thy Kingdom Come 1. Thy Kingdom Come
2. Abominations 2. Abominations
3. Intro 3. Disturbance In The Great
Slumber (partial)
4. Umulamahri 4. Umulamahri
5. Bil Ursag 5. Bil Ur-Sag
6. Promised Land 6. World of Shit (The Promised Land)
7. Nothing Is Not 7. Nothing Is Not/Ascent Through the
Spheres (partial)
8. Lord Of All Fevers And Plague 8. Ascent Through the Spheres (partial)/
Lord Of All Fevers And Plague
9. Rapture 9. Rapture
10. Day Of Suffering 10. Day Of Suffering
11. Prayer Of Hatred 11. Prayer Of Hatred
12. Covenant Of Death 12. Covenant Of Death
13. Hymn To A Gas Giant 13. Hymn To A Gas Giant/Invocation
Of The Continual One (part 1)
14. Invocation Of The Continual One 14. Invocation Of The Continual One
(part 2)/Nar Mattaru (partial)
15. Blood On My Hands 15. Nar Mattaru (partial)/Blood On
My Hands
16. God Of Emptiness 16. Heaving Earth

There is no information about the live tracks other than the title. Steve mentions Erfurt in the song introduction to "Promised Land." If you have any more info about the specific date of this show, please let me know.

A second version with a demon on the cover and a different booklet layout exists, which is also a real CD. I'm not sure how else the packaging and layout differ, but the tracklistings are identical and I assume the content is the same. I didn't even know this Trey cover version existed until I received it, so I assume it's more scarce.

Tracks 1 and 2 were also pressed on a 7" version of "Thy Kingdom Come" (by Erich Keller/the real Splattermaniac Records). Several bootleg versions of this EP also exist.

The live tracks are relatively clear, but the vocals and drums often cause a rumbly distortion. Tucker lacks the elocution of Vincent, live or not, and his vocals come across as rather forced and generic. He also uses his forced death metal voice to address the crowd which makes him sound like a total cretin. Compared to other '98 shows, he seems to use the same recited stage banter verbatim from gig to gig, almost to a greater extent than any other metal vocalist I've heard. If all that wasn't bad enough, this bootleg is a bit light on old material, so it's not among my favorites.

Some of the synth interludes/instrumentals from "Formulas..." were played over the PA during the gig, but have been heavily edited here. Track 3 is about the last 20 seconds from "Disturbance In The Great Slumber." There are a few seconds of "Ascent Through the Spheres" at the end of track 7, which fades out, and then the end fades in at the very beginning of track 8. This happens again between tracks 14 and 15 with "Nar Mattaru."

Track 13 starts with "Hymn to a Gas Giant" and the track continues with most of "Invocation of the Continual One." The band pause and the rest of the track continues on track 14 (about the last two verses).

"Hellspawn: The Rebirth" and "Chapel of Ghouls" were played at the end of the show but do not appear here.

Gods Of All Heretics
Metalmania Festival, Spodek Hall, Katowice, Poland, Mar. 13, 2004
fallen 666I
1. Day Of Suffering
2. Within Thy Enemy
3. Curse Of Flesh [sic]
4. Chambers Of Dis
5. Stricken Arise/Where The Slimes Lives [sic]
6. Bil Ur-Sag
7. Cleansed In Pestilence
8. Lord Of All Fevers And Plague
9. Rapture
10. (Nar Mattaru intro)/God Of Emptiness
11. Chapel Of Ghouls
12. Enshrined By Grace

The underside of the disc has been scratched up to hide the matrix information. The only recording information the bootleg gives is "music was catched live somewhere in Europe after releasing 8th Morbid Angel's studio album - 'Heretic.'" Steve Tucker mentions Poland at the beginning of track 7. Krisiun and Decapitated are also mentioned later and they played Metalmania 2004 as well. There are no gaps, but most tracks sound like they have edits between them.

The end of "Nar Mattaru" plays before "God of Emptiness" starts. Track 10 also cuts off abruptly near the end.

Trey plays a brief unaccompanied solo during "Chapel of Ghouls."

Track 12 fades out before the song is finished.

The audio sounds distant and muddy. Again, they're not exactly in their prime here; I suppose "Chapel of Ghouls" was mildly interesting, but otherwise...

Harmony Dies Vol. 1
Split with Necrovore and Incubus (FL.)
Tracks 1-4 - Necrovore demo 1987
Tracks 5-7 - Incubus demo 1987
Tracks 8-10 - Morbid Angel "Thy Kingdom Come" demo 1987
Faust 001
1. Mutilated Death - Necrovore
2. Slaughtered Remains - Necrovore
3. Divus De Mortuus - Necrovore
4. Toxic Decay - Necrovore
5. God Died On His Knees- Incubus
6. Reanimator's Mutilations [sic] - Incubus
7. Engulfed In Unspeakable Horror - Incubus
8. Thy Kingdom Come - Morbid Angel
9. Abominations - Morbid Angel
10. Blasphemy Of The Holy Ghost - Morbid Angel

Bootleg showcasing legendary 1987 material from the US death metal underground.

Track 10 ends with a quick spoken word snippet in Norwegian. There's a sketch of Arne Babb printed on the disc. You are free to draw your own conclusions on who graced us with this CD...

Leading The Rats
Noorderligt, Tilburg, Holland, Dec. 15, 1990
Meltdown ML 91609
Given tracklisting: Correct tracklisting:
1. Intro 1. Intro
2. Fall From Grace 2. Fall From Grace
3. Immortal Rites 3. Immortal Rites
4. Blasphemy 4. Blasphemy (part 1)
5. Maze Of Torment 5. Blasphemy (part 2)
6. Doomsday Celebration 6. Maze Of Torment
7. Day Of Suffering 7. Doomsday Celebration/Day Of Suffering
8. Blessed Are The Sick 8. Blessed Are The Sick
9. Unholy Blasphemies 9. Unholy Blasphemies
10. Visions From The Dark Side 10. Visions From The Dark Side
11. Abominations 11. Abominations
12. Desolate Ways 12. Desolate Ways/The Ancient Ones (part 1)
13. The Ancient Ones 13. The Ancient Ones (part 2)
14. Damnation 14. Damnation
15. Lord Of All Fevers And Plague 15. Lord Of All Fevers And Plague
16. Brainstorm 16. Brainstorm
17. Chapel Of Ghouls 17. Chapel Of Ghouls

David Vincent wishes the crowd "Happy Holidays" and "a cool Yule" before "Chapel of Ghouls."


Warning: A mass-produced CD-R version of the "Blessed are the Boots" bootleg, which is on a real CD, exists. The easiest way to tell them apart is that the CD-R has a red stick-on label on top.

"Blessed are the Unholy" and "Infernal Madness" are Omerta Rec. CD-Rs.

Crush Jesus Christ
CD-R bootleg
Live 1991, "Blessed Are The Sick" Tour
Nightwing Productions NWCD013
1. Fall From Grace
2. Immortal Rites
3. Blasphemy
4. Maze Of Torment
5. Blessed Are The Sick
6. Unholy Blasphemies
7. Abominations
8. Day Of Suffering
9. The Ancient Ones
10. Chapel of Ghouls
11. Evil Spells

Seems to be a mass-produced CD-R with semi-pro inserts and labeled disc. No specific date/location information is given on the bootleg. I think this is the same recording as the "Crush Jesus Christ Tour '91" bootleg-LP, as the tracklist is almost exactly the same--the only difference is that the LP has "Thy Kingdom Come" between "Unholy Blasphemies" and "Abominations." And there is indeed an edit at the end of "Unholy Blasphemies," hinting that something was cut out.

Note there are two noises at the end of track 4 that sound like a record skipping. I can't tell whether these are defects in the recording or whether they're poorly-done edits.

If anyone can provide more info on the date/location, please let me know.