Split with Nihilist
Tracks 1-3 - Nihilist "Premature Autopsy" Demo 1988
Tracks 4-6 - Nihilist "Only Shreds Remain" Demo 1989
Tracks 7-8 - Nihilist "Drowned" Demo 1989
Tracks 9-11 - Nihilist "Radiation Sickness" bootleg EP 1989
Tracks 12-14 - Entombed "But Life Goes On" Demo 1989
Tracks 15-18 - Entombed "Live!" bootleg EP
Track 19 - studio 1990, from
"Projections Of A Stained Mind" compilation
Label unknown

1. Sentenced To Death - Nihilist
2. Supposed To Rot - Nihilist
3. Carnal Leftovers - Nihilist
4. Abnormally Deceased - Nihilist
5. Revel In Flesh - Nihilist
6. Face Of Evil - Nihilist
7. Severe Burns - Nihilist
8. When Life Has Ceased - Nihilist
9. Radiation Sickness (Repulsion cover) - Nihilist
10. Face Of Evil - Nihilist
11. Morbid Devourment - Nihilist
12. But Life Goes On
13. Shreds Of Flesh
14. The Truth Beyond
15. Drowned (Live)
16. But Life Goes On (Live)
17. Sentence To Death (Live) [sic]
18. Forsaken (7inch Version)
19. Forsaken (Comp. Lp Version)

Bootleg is also referred to as "Drowned" due to the cover. Supposedly pressed by Unisound, this "bootleg of a bootleg" is a normal CD-press of the CD-R Mastercult Records released. The real CDs have a thick white border around the cover art, and have font and layout changes compared to the CD-R inserts. This seems to be the only Nihilist material on a silver CD bootleg. There are Nihilist CD-Rs floating around such as "Drowned In Shreds of Autopsy" which have extra live stuff, but don't have the early Entombed material.

Tracks 9-11 were recorded during the "Drowned" session.

The "But Life Goes On" demo is listed in the booklet track breakdown as being from 1990.

Tracks 15-18 are from the Entombed "Live!" Mexican bootleg 7". Tracks 15-17 are live in Holland, Nov. 11, 1990, and have breaks between them. Track 18 is a '90 studio recording.

The pictures above are of the front and back of the same booklet; the cover is a negative of the "Drowned" demo artwork, and the backside has the artwork from "Radiation Sickness."

Tracks 1-14 have been made officially available on the Nihilist "1987-1989" CD.

Gods Of Grind On Tour
"Gods Of Grind" tour
Karlsruhe, Germany, March 28, 1992
Is This Music? ITM NR 107903
Limited to 500 hand-numbered copies
Given tracklisting: Correct tracklisting:
1. Intro 1. Intro
2. Living Dead/Shreds of Flesh 2. Living Dead/Revel In Flesh
3. Stranger Aeons 3. Stranger Aeons
4. Crawl 4. Crawl
5. But Life Goes On 5. But Life Goes On
6. Evilyn 6. Evilyn
7. The Truth Beyond 7. The Truth Beyond
8. Drowned 8. Drowned
9. Left Hand Path 9. Left Hand Path
10. Supposed To Rat 10. Supposed To Rot
11. Sinners Bleed 11. Sinners Bleed

No recording information is given beyond the year. Karlsruhe is mentioned in the stage banter at the end of track 2, and the bootleg matches up with video footage that exists. Good audience recording coupled with an excellent track selection from before they went downhill musically.

"Evilyn" is dedicated to Matze of Atrocity.

The Truth Beyond
"Gods Of Grind" tour
Karlsruhe, Germany, March 28, 1992
Northwind Productions 001
Given tracklisting: Correct tracklisting:
1. Intro 1. Intro
2. Revel In Flesh 2. Living Dead/Revel In Flesh
3. Stranger Aeons 3. Stranger Aeons
4. The Life Goes On 4. Crawl (partial)/But Life Goes On
5. Evilyn 5. Evilyn
6. Dusk 6. The Truth Beyond
7. Drowned 7. Drowned
8. Left Hand Path 8. Left Hand Path
9. Supposed To Rot 9. Supposed To Rot/Sinners Bleed (part 1)
10. Sinner's Bleed 10. Sinners Bleed (part 2)

I was quite excited to get this, but rather than being the "Den Haag, Het Paard, 19/03/92" (Holland) show listed on the bootleg, it turns out to be a much less desirable version of the gig from the "Gods of Grind On Tour" bootleg above. The sound between the two is different; here there's a definite loss of crispness and sharpness of sound. For example, you can't really clearly hear individual audience members talking between songs as you could with the "Gods of Grind..." bootleg. There are also breaks between tracks 3/4, 7/8, and 8/9, and on this bootleg you only get to hear the last few seconds of "Crawl."

This boot is supposedly limited to 777 copies. There's a space on the back insert for hand-numbering, but I've never seen or heard of a copy that was actually numbered. About the only positive thing I can say about the bootleg is that it has real artwork for the inserts--otherwise the "Gods of Grind..." CD above is superior in every way.


"Twilight of the Gods" is a live bootleg LP.