A Night Of Unholy Black Metal
Tracks 1-5 - Live Rockefeller, Oslo, Norway April 6, 1996
Tracks 6-9 - Live Lahti, Finland May 4, 1991
Tracks 10-14 - Rehearsal 1992
Label unknown
Given tracklisting: Correct tracklisting:
1. Intro 1. Intro
2. Under A Funeral Moon 2. Under A Funeral Moon
3. Blackwinged 3. Blackwinged
4. Transylvanian Hunger 4. Transilvanian Hunger
5. In The Shadow Of The Horns 5. In The Shadow Of The Horns
6. Paragon Belial 6. Paragon Belial
7. Ablaze In The Northern Sky 7. A Blaze In The Northern Sky
8. Life (Unreleased song) 8. Life (aka In His Lovely Kingdom)
9. No Name (Unreleased song) 9. Trident (aka Green Cave Float)
10. Under A Funeral Moon 10. Under A Funeral Moon
11. Unholy Black Metal 11. Unholy Black Metal
12. Summer Of The Diabolical Holocaust 12. Summer Of The Diabolical Holocaust
13. Crossing The Triangle Of Flames 13. Crossing The Triangle Of Flames
14. Natassja In Eternal Sleep 14. Natassja In Eternal Sleep

Also exists on LP without the rehearsal tracks.

Tracks 1-5 are from the special one-off gig with Dissection and Satyricon. Satyr plays bass on these Darkthrone tracks (ironic, because I think he had some sort of hand problem preventing him from playing with Satyricon that night). It's a pretty good audience recording. There's no real stage banter.

Video footage of the Lahti gig exists, and "Life" is on the DVD from the special edition of "Preparing for War." There are breaks between these tracks and they have been rearranged from the original gig order; at the end of track 9 you can just start to hear the spoken introduction to track 6. "A Blaze..." is the only song from these tracks with any vocals, and even then, there's not much (in the video footage of the Riihimäki gig the day before, Ted Skjellum mentions he lost his voice, and he doesn't sing very much in either show).

Track 8 is actually introduced as "Life" and "Trident" was introduced by name at the Riihimäki gig. Since both these songtitles were actually used on the "Preparing for War" DVD, I guess these are supposed to be the official names, at least for these live versions. As I've noted above, they're actually (early?) versions of "Goatlord" tracks.

Tracks 10 and 11 (with worse soundquality and sounding slightly deeper in pitch) are on the "Crossing the Triangle of Flames" bootleg 7". Tracks 10, 12, and 13 were also officially released in the 3-disc special edition of "Preparing for War," and on those versions they left in a bit more ambient/background noise at the beginning of each track.

Evil Past
Tracks 1-3 - "Thulcandra" demo 1989
Tracks 4-8 - "Land Of Frost" demo 1988
Track 9 - from "Cromlech" demo 1989
Moonfag LEEBRESS-1
Given tracklisting: Correct tracklisting:
1. Eon 1. Eon
2. Thulcandra 2. Thulcandra
3. Archiepielago 3. Archipelago
4. Land Of Frost 4. Land Of Frost
5. Wings Of Triton 5. Wings Of Triton
6. Forests Of Darkness 6. Forest Of Darkness
7. Odyssey Of Freedom 7. Odyssey Of Freedom
8. Death Of The Dead 8. Day Of The Dead
9. Snowfall 9. The Watchtower

Tracks 1 and 2 are broken into seperate, non-continuous tracks. Since they were originally continuous, this makes the "Thulcandra" material here a bit inferior to versions on other bootlegs.

Looking at the bootleg, you might think track 9 is "Snowfall" from the '88 "A New Dimension" tape. On the bootleg it's mentioned as being an "Unreleased Demo 1989" and that the title was later changed to "The Watchtower." However, it actually IS "The Watchtower" from the "Cromlech" demo. You can even hear 2 seconds of the bass intro to "Accumulation Of Generalization" (which followed it on the demo) at the end of the track.

The Roots Of Evilness/Live
Tracks 1-8 - Live Esbjerg, Denmark June 8, 1990
(Date given is 8/6/90--am I correct in date, or is it August?)
Tracks 9-10 - "Thulcandra" demo 1989
Track 11 - "Live Norway 1992"
Track 11 is fake!
Agustin Rec. 666
1. Cromlech
2. Sunrise Ever Locuus Mortis [sic]
3. Soulside Journey
4. Accumulation Of Generalization
5. Sempiternal Past/Prescence
Wiew Sepulchrality [sic]
6. Iconoclasm Sweeps Cappadocia
7. Neptune Towards [sic]
8. Dismissal (crowd noise)
9. Eon/Thulcandra
10. Archipielago [sic]
11. Kathaarian Life Code

I think this was the first of the Darkthrone bootleg CDs to appear. There are apparently two versions of this bootleg which have different prints on the CD. Mine has what looks to be a glacier or coastal cliffs. I've heard the other version may not have fade-outs/gaps between the track indexes; this one does.

The location is listed as "Esberg" on the bootleg. The "Thulcandra" demo is also listed as being from 1988.

In the intro to track 4, it's mentioned that this is their first gig outside of Norway. Considering what they were to become, some of the overly-humble stage banter is hilarious:

Hey! Mr. Sound Engineer, are you ready?

...We're Darkthrone, from Norway...We came all the way to do this show. I hope you like it.

...We think you're a nice crowd, really...

Uhh...We shot the wideo on this...

Track 8 is just the crowd chanting "Darkthrone" after the set.

Track 11 is a fake live concoction. It's just a bad-quality recording of the normal studio version of "Kathaarian Life Code," minus the intro, with some added background noise and talking.

Although the '90 gig has since been officially released (first just "Neptune Towers" on the "Preparing for War" CD, and then the full gig was released in the "Frostland Tapes" set), the bootleg actually still has a bit more material--the "Mr. Sound Engineer" bit from the beginning and the crowd noise at the end of the gig didn't make it to the official release.

The True Legends In Black
Split with Darkthrone
Tracks 1-2 "Thulcandra" demo 1989
Tracks 3-9 - see Mayhem page
Label unknown
1. Eon/Thulcandra
2. Archipelago
3. Silvester Anfang - Mayhem
4. Deathcrush - Mayhem
5. Chainsaw Gutsfuck - Mayhem
6. Witching Hour - Mayhem
7. Necrolust - Mayhem
8. Cweirds Manheim/Pure Fucking
Armageddon [sic] - Mayhem
9. Outro - Mayhem

Note that "Eon" and "Thulcandra"--as well as "(Weird) Manheim" and "Pure Fucking Armageddon"--are listed seperately on the back insert. However, there's no track numbering anywhere on the bootleg anyway, so I'm not going to bother with correct/incorrect tracklisting lists.