Gods of Grind on Tour
Split with Carcass
Tracks 1-10 - see Carcass page
Tracks 11-15 - Live "Gods of Grind" tour 1992
(possibly Karlsruhe, Germany, March 28, 1992)
Is This Music? ITM NR 107802
Limited to 500 hand-numbered copies
1. Intro - Carcass
2. Impropagation [sic] - Carcass
3. Coroporal Jigsore Quandary - Carcass
4. Reek Of Putrefaction - Carcass
5. Pedigree Butchery - Carcass
6. Incarnated Solvent Abuse - Carcass
7. Carneous Cacoffiny - Carcass
8. Lavaging Expectorate Of Lysergide Composition - Carcass
9. Exhume To Consume - Carcass
10. Ruptured In Purulence - Carcass
11. Equilibrium
12. Autumm Twilight [sic]
13. A Funeral Request
14. Soul Sacrifice
15. Frozen Rapture (partial)

No location and no specific date beyond 1992 are given. As with the Carcass half, for now I'm going to assume this was the Karlsruhe gig the Entombed "Gods of Grind on Tour" bootleg is from.

"Frozen Rapture" fades out after the "...cold floors of responsiveness" lyrics and that ends the CD.

Very good in terms of quality, though like the Carcass half, the vocals are a bit low in the mix. While there is a bootleg LP of a '91 show, this appears to be the earliest Cathedral live material on CD.