Live March 1993
Split with Samael
Tracks 1-8 - see Samael page
Tracks 9-13 - Live Vienna, Austria, Jan. 19, 1993
Metal World MWCD1
Given tracklisting: Correct tracklisting:
1. Blood Ritual 1. Total Consecration/...Until The Chaos/Blood Ritual - Samael
2. Bestial Devotion 2. Beyond The Nothingness - Samael
3. Beyond The Nothingness 3. Poison Infiltration - Samael
4. Since The Creation 4. Rite Of Cthulhu/Sleep Of Death - Samael
5. Bestial Devotion 5. After The Sepulture - Samael
6. Until The Chaos 6. Bestial Devotion - Samael
7. Workship Him 7. Worship Him - Samael
8. Morbid Metal 8. Morbid Metal - Samael
9. Lady Temptres 9. Intro/Clouds
10. Mountain Of Doom 10. Mountain Of Doom/In A Dream
11. The Sleeping Beauty 11. The Sleeping Beauty
12. Ancient Entity 12. Captain Howdy (Twisted Sister cover)
-- -- 13. Ancient Entity

From the tour with Samael/Unleashed/Dark Millenium. The Unleashed "March 1993" bootleg also on the Metal World label and the subsequent official Unleashed "Live in Vienna '93" CD were recorded at this same show.

Only the disc has any label/serial number information. The inserts are pretty sparse, with only the bandnames, bootleg title, and (incorrect) tracklisting. The disc itself says "Tiamat" but makes no reference to Samael at all.

Both bands released seminal albums in 1990; this recording is a bit after their pinnacles, but by the same token, also a bit before both abandoned metal for total avant-garde silliness.

This is a pretty good show, and during this era, they did do some cool stuff, like the Twisted Sister cover (though it's not all that great, a nice idea) or digging up "Sumerian Cry" songs. The other half of the bootleg totally destroys them, though.

Severe Abominations
Split with Treblinka
Tracks 1-4 - Treblinka "Crawling In Vomits" Demo 1988
Tracks 5-8 - Treblinka "The Sign Of The Pentagram" Demo 1989
Tracks 9-10 - Treblinka "Severe Abomination" EP 1989
Tracks 11-12 - Tiamat "A Winter Shadow" EP 1990
Label unknown
1. Crawling In Vomits - Treblinka
2. Earwings In Your Veins [sic] - Treblinka
3. Hail To Cruelty - Treblinka
4. Cadaverous Odour - Treblinka
5. Nocturnal Funeral - Treblinka
6. Evilized - Treblinka
7. Necrophagous Shadows [sic] - Treblinka
8. Mould In Hell - Treblinka
9. Severe Abominations [sic] - Treblinka
10. Earwings In Your Veins [sic] - Treblinka
11. A Winter Shadow
12. Ancient Entity

Apparently made by Panos/Unisound, this predated the 2CD bootleg a bit. There are some typos in the tracklisting breakdown in the booklet ("Crowling In Vomits," "In the Sign of the Pentagram," "Severe Abominations"), and both demos are listed as being from '88.

You can hear some light crackling and noise at the beginning of some tracks, so the demos may have been sourced from the "Crawling in Vomits" bootleg LP.

The Tiamat EP tracks were also on the "In the Eyes of Death" compilation.

Compared to the 2CD bootleg, the only advantage this one has is better disc print quality, and a simpler, cleaner layout (which I personally find a bit more old-school and appealing). Otherwise, you get less material to begin with, and all of the Treblinka tracks have varying amounts of noise and/or tape hiss.

I don't know if the habit of pluralizing the EP title came from this bootleg or not, but the original EP was called "Severe Abomination" (not "Abominations").

Treblinka (2CD)
Tracks 1-2 - Treblinka "Severe Abomination" EP 1989
Tracks 3-6 - Treblinka "The Sign Of The Pentagram" Demo 1989
Tracks 7-10 - Treblinka "Crawling In Vomits" Demo 1988
Tracks 1-7 - Treblinka Live Stockholm, Sweden, April 7, 1989
Tracks 8-9 - Treblinka rehearsal January 3, 1989
Mould In Hell
CD 1: CD 2:
50:36 41:13
1. Severe Abomination 1. Nocturnal Funeral
2. Earwings In Your Veins [sic] 2. Crawling In Vomits
3. Nocturnal Funeral 3. Cadaverous Odour
4. Evilized 4. Necrophagous Shadows
5. Necrophagous Shadows 5. Evilized
6. Mould In Hell 6. Hail To Cruelty
7. Crawling In Vomits 7. Earwings In Your Veins [sic]
8. Earwings In Your Veins [sic] 8. Hail To Cruelty
9. Hail To Cruelty 9. Earwings In Your Veins [sic]
10. Cadaverous Odour -- --

This bootleg seems to have no specific title, but I've seen people name it after the EP or one of the demos, or mix it up with the other CD bootleg and call it "Severe Abominations" too. Obviously the bootleggers are not the "real" Mould In Hell Rec.

The first demo is incorrectly listed as being from '89 on the back insert. The dates given for the live and rehearsal tracks are "07/04/89" and "03/01/89." I'm guessing it's supposed to be d/m/y because I have seen a Jan. 3 rehearsal listed on tapetrading lists, but I have not been able to verify these dates.

The sound quality of the first CD is excellent. Almost certainly some kind of sound cleanup/remastering was done, so if you're dead set against that kind of thing, you may like the "Severe Abominations" boot better.

The live tracks are of pretty good quality and clarity. It sounds like there's a bit of stage banter, but it's really hard to make out with the nonstop crowd noise and chatter between songs. Even while they're playing, often you can hear people in the audience talking faintly underneath the music.

The reh. tracks have the worst sound quality of any of the material here, but are still pretty good. I found them to be the least interesting part of the bootleg due to the vocals, which are drowned out a bit, and sound like more generic DM vocals than the great demo vocals.