Pretenders To The Throne
Tracks 1-6 - 1984 recording
Tracks 7-14 - "Victims Of Death" Demo 1984
Track 15 - Venom Cover (1994?)
Label unknown
Given tracklisting: Correct tracklisting:
1. Sepulchral Voice 1. Sepulchral Voice
2. Blasphemer 2. Blasphemer
3. Burst Command Till War 3. Burst Command Til War
4. Witching Metal 4. Witching Metal
5. Live From Hell 5. Live From Hell
6. Lets Fight In The Darkness Of Hell 6. Let's Fight In The Darkness Of Hell
7. Outbreak Of Evil 7. Witchhammer
8. Live From Hell 8. Devil's Attack
9. Sepulchral Voice 9. Let's Fight In The Darkness Of Hell
10. Lets Fight In The Darkness Of Hell 10. Victims Of Death
11. Witching Metal 11. Live From Hell
12. Satans Conjuration 12. Poisoned Blood
13. Blasphemer 13. Satan's Conjuration
14. Burst Command Till War 14. Witching Metal
15. 1000 Days In Sodom 15. 1000 Days In Sodom (Venom cover)

This is a later CD version of the bootleg LP released on "Big Scrotum Records." The LP contained only the first 6 tracks.

The disc matrix information has been covered up, and the title is misspelled on the spines.

Tracks 1-6 are listed here as being from an unreleased EP. This recording has been floating around on the tape-trading circuit for years and I've heard various things about it--that it was supposed to be the band's debut mLP, that it's just a rehearsal, and so on. Tom introduces some of the songs so it does seem more like a reh. Whatever the case, at the very least it seems safe to assume this is a recording done sometime between the "Victims of Death" demo and "In the Sign of Evil."

The quality on these first 6 tracks is awful and everything is distorted.

Tracks 7-14 are listed as a live "1/12/1984" show from Essen and the boot even has the correct tracklisting for that show, but when you get to these 8 tracks on the bootleg, they actually turn out to be the "Victims of Death" demo! Track 15 is listed as a "demo version" which is incorrect. More info on all these tracks can be found below.

Satan's Conjuration
Tracks 1-8 - "Victims Of Death" Demo 1984
Track 9 - Venom Cover (1994?)
Tracks 10-17 - Live Essen, Germany, Dec. 1, 1984
Death Valley 69
1. Witchhammer
2. Devils Attack
3. Lets Fight In The Darkness Of Hell
4. Victims Of Death
5. Live From Hell
6. Poisoned Blood
7. Satans Conjuration
8. Witching Metal
9. 1000 Days In Sodom (Venom cover)
10. Outbreak Of Evil
11. Live From Hell
12. Sepulchral Voice
13. Let's Fight In The Darkness Of Hell
14. Witching Metal
15. Satans Conjuration
16. Blasphemer
17. Burst Command Till War [sic]

There is a second version of this bootleg that has the same material but a different layout. I don't own it yet so I can't do a full comparison. The original '99(?) version has yellow text on the backside of the booklet (a dedication to some obscure metal bands and a note about the recording source). The new version has an old photo of Sodom on the back of the booklet.

Packaging includes some nice vintage pictures and the text of an old article/interview. The way the liner notes are written at times sort of insinuates the band approved of this CD or that it's semi-official, which is not true. The bootleg itself readily admits the material comes from 2nd or 3rd generation tapes, but other than tape hiss, the demo and live stuff is of pretty good quality considering the age.

On the back insert, the first 9 tracks are under the heading Witchhammer. Some people have inferred that Sodom actually had a full demo called "Witchhammer" or "Satan's Conjuration;" anyone using these names for these tracks is a clueless fool. Likewise, anyone who thinks the Venom cover is from the demo sessions is a moron.

On the original demo, "Let's Fight In The Darkness Of Hell" was listed as "Lets Fight" [sic]. "Live From Hell" was also listed as "Life From Hell." And actually, it does sound like Tom is singing the word "life." But it is possible this was the result of bad English or a misspelling on the demo tape (keep in mind the original demo tracklisting misspelled the sixth track as "Poisend Blood" and had no apostrophes in any of the titles).

"Satans Conjuration" is an early version of "Conjuration."

Track 9 is from the In the Name of Satan Venom tribute album. Abaddon himself plays drums on this track and Mille plays guitar. It's from the early-mid '90s but I'm not sure of the exact recording year.

The live tracks are from a show with Destruction. "Burst Command 'Til War" is particularly sloppy and dissonant--rather endearing, actually.


The "Black Equinox" and "This Is Not A Drill" bootlegs are cheap Omerta Records CD-Rs.