Bestial Invasion Of Antichrist
Tracks 1-9 Live "Tattoo The Planet" tour,
Sporthalle, B÷blingen, Germany, Sept. 22, 2001
Tracks 10-15 "Bestial Invasion Of Hell" Demo 1984
Label unknown
1. Total Desaster
2. Tears Of Blood
3. Thrash 'Till Death [sic]
4. Eternal Bass [sic]
5. Curse The Gods
6. The Butcher Strikes Back
7. Nailed To The Cross
8. Bestial Invasion
9. Mad Butcher
10. Total Desaster
11. Antichrist
12. Front Beast
13. Satan's Vengeance
14. Tormentor
15. Mad Butcher

Destruction finally get a live bootleg CD, but unfortunately, it's a recent show and not from their earlier years. Bootleg lists the date as October but it's actually from September (the Slayer "Darkness of Christ" boot-CD from this same show does the same thing). Booklet claims the CD is a fanclub-only recording permitted by the band. Sound is good, with vocals and drums a bit more up-front than the guitars. Mike really goes wild on the solos for the classics.

Schmier skips most of the correct second verse to "Total Desaster," singing the third verse instead.

Despite what you might think from seeing the title, "Eternal Bass" doesn't refer to a bass solo during "Eternal Ban" or anything like that, it's just the normal song.

Tracks 10-15 are the demo tracks in a slightly rearranged order. It sounds like they have been given a slight sound boost.

Bestial Invasion Of Hell
Split with Tormentor
Tracks 7-12 - "Bestial Invasion Of Hell" Demo 1984
Tracks 1-5 - see Tormentor page
Warhammer Records LUST 1
1. Intro - Tormentor (1:53)
2. Armies Of Hell - Tormentor (5:16)
3. Tormentor - Tormentor (3:00)
4. Cry War - Tormentor (4:23)
5. Bone Breaker - Tormentor (4:06)
6. Intro (0:26)
7. Mad Butcher (3:36)
8. Total Desaster (3:22)
9. Anti-Christ (3:31)
10. Front Beast (1:50)
11. Satans Vengeance [sic] (2:49)
12. Tormentor (4:05)
13. Outro (0:14)

Easily one of the best bootlegs ever made due to the sheer historical impact of the recordings it contains. Unfortunately, this bootleg has been rendered mostly obsolete--both demos have since been officially re-released on CD.

While the intros are one of the highlights of the bootleg (no small feat considering the actual music on here), they were never part of the original demos and were probably made specifically for this bootleg (by Bull Metal?). Anyone claiming or insinuating the intros were on the original demotapes has no idea what they're talking about.

The "Outro" is just a short blank track without any music or sound.

There were almost certainly multiple pressings of the Warhammer version since it's been readily available for so long. There is also apparently a newer version of the bootleg with no label information on the back insert which uses totally different black & white pics for the cover and layout.

Live in Ludwigsburg, Germany/Bestial Invasion Of Hell
(aka Invincible Invasion)
Tracks 1-7 Live Rockfabrik, Ludwigsburg, Germany,
May 27, 1985 (?)
Track 8 - unspecified bootleg intro
Tracks 9-14 "Bestial Invasion Of Hell" Demo 1984
From Hell Recs 666
1. Intro/Total Desaster (5:51)
2. Deathtrap [sic] (5:59)
3. Antichrist (4:31)
4. Bestial Invasion (5:01)
5. Mad Butcher (3:58)
6. Invincible Force (5:37)
7. Black Mass (4:31)
8. Intro (0:28)
9. Mad Butcher (3:38)
10. Total Desaster (3:24)
11. Anti-Christ [sic] (3:33)
12. Front Beast (1:52)
13. Satans Vengeance [sic] (2:51)
14. Tormentor (4:05)

CD bootleg combining the "Invincible Invasion" bootleg LP (tracks 1-7) and the demo tracks from the Tormentor split (almost everything in the layout is taken directly from those bootlegs). Despite the title on the cover, the spines just refer to the bootleg as "Live in Ludwigsburg, Germany/Bestial Invasion Of Hell." The underside of the disc has the inner ring blacked out to hide the pressing information.

I cannot confirm the date of the live tracks. I haven't had a chance to directly compare them, but I'm wondering if perhaps the first 2 tracks are the same ones as on the old "Live in Ludwigsburg" boot EP on Prince Valiant Haircut Rec. (which is supposed to be from a May 25 show) and one of the bootlegs has the date wrong. Again, I haven't verified this, so it may be possible they actually played both dates.

The live tracks all have annoying 2 second gaps between them. Track 3 fades out (this was the last track on the A side of the "Invincible Invasion" LP. The sound quality is overall pretty bad.

The rest of the tracks are sourced from the Tormentor split CD, including the additional "They will bring you war..." intro. There's a sound oddity at 0:33 of track 10.