End Of The World
Split with Destruction
Tracks 2-5 - "End Of The World" Demo 1984
Tracks 6-13 - see Destruction page
Warhammer Records LUST 1
1. Intro
2. Armies Of Hell
3. Tormentor
4. Cry War
5. Bone Breaker
6. Intro - Destruction
7. Mad Butcher - Destruction
8. Total Desaster - Destruction
9. Anti-Christ - Destruction
10. Front Beast - Destruction
11. Satans Vengeance [sic] - Destruction
12. Tormentor - Destruction
13. Outro - Destruction

Easily one of the best bootlegs ever made due to the sheer historical impact of the recordings it contains. Unfortunately, this bootleg has been rendered obsolete--both demos have since been officially re-released on CD.

While the intros are one of the highlights of the bootleg (no small feat considering the actual music on here), they were never part of the original demos and were probably made specifically for this bootleg (by Bull Metal?). Anyone claiming or insinuating the intros were on the original demotapes has no idea what they're talking about.

There were almost certainly multiple pressings of the Warhammer version since it's been readily available for so long. There is also apparently a newer version of the bootleg with no label information on the back insert which uses totally different black & white pics for the cover and layout.

Eat Or Die
Live Nachtwerk, Munich, Germany, Jan. 27, 1993
Spirit 58
Given tracklisting: Correct tracklisting:
1. Winter Martyrium 1. Winter Martyrium
2. Terrible Certainty 2. Terrible Certainty
3. Pleaser To Kill 3. Pleasure To Kill
4. Some Pain Will Last 4. Some Pain Will Last (part 1)
5. Brainseed 5. Some Pain Will Last (part 2)
6. Extreme 6. Brainseed (part 1)
7. Aggressions 7. Brainseed (part 2)
8. Renewall 8. Extreme Aggression/Renewal/Reflection
9. Reflection 9. Karmic Wheel
10. Karmic Wheel 10. Europe After The Rain
11. Europe After The Rain 11. People Of The Lie/Riot Of Violence
12. People Of The Lie 12. Depression Unrest
13. Riot Of Violence 13. Realitätskontrolle/Zero To None
14. Depression Unrest -- --
15. Realitätskontroll -- --
16. Zero To None -- --

The bootleg does not give a specific date in January for the show. I have been told the above date and venue are correct. Most stage banter is in German. Good recording quality, although not the most desirable setlist as they play "Renewal" in its entirety but play nothing from "Endless Pain." Mille's vocals are also quite hoarse, which doesn't help the older songs they do play.

"Pleasure To Kill" is a bit short because the first verse isn't repeated at the end.

There is a break between tracks 8 and 9, which seems to be the only editing done on the boot. The two-part songs don't have any audio breaks, and flow continuously between track indexes.

Violent Revolution/Live In Moscow
Tracks 1-13 - normal "Violent Revolution"
album (bonus track version)
Tracks 14-17 - Live Moscow, Russia, March 5, 2000
1. Reconquering The Throne
2. The Patriarch
3. Violent Revolution
4. All Of The Same Blood
5. Servant In Heaven - King In Hell
6. Second Awakening
7. Ghetto War
8. Replicas Of Life
9. Slave Machinery
10. Bittersweet Revenge
11. Mind On Fire
12. System Decay
13. Bonus Track
(The Patriarch/Violent Revolution demo version)
14. Golden Age
15. Phobia
16. The Chosen Few
17. Everlasting Flame

Not really a true bootleg, as this is a pirated Russian 2-on-1 pressing. It does deserves mention here because the "Live In Moscow" part is unofficial live material. The bootleg gives no specific date for the live tracks. These are the first 4 tracks from Kreator's set, and Mortifer opened at this show.

The volume level on the live tracks is very good, but the sound comes across as a bit distorted, and there's some slight noise/hiss. Sounds like a lower quality soundboard recording. Nothing here of any great interest or importance unless you're a huge fan of "Outcast" and "Endorama." Recordings of the entire show exist, but I have yet to see any other professional bootleg release of this show.

We Give You Pain
Werner-Seelenbinder-Halle, Berlin, Germany, Mar. 4, 1990
Disc: Factory Projekt EWM 007
1. Some Pain Will Last
2. Extreme Aggression
3. Under The Guillotine
4. Toxic Trace
5. Bringer Of Torture
6. Pleasure To Kill
7. Flag Of Hate
8. Drum Solo
9. Terrible Certainty
10. Riot Of Violence
11. Love Us Or Hate Us
12. Behind The Mirror
13. Betrayer
14. Awakening Of The Gods
15. Tormentor

Boot from the "Thrashing East Live" gig with Tankard, Sabbat, and Coroner. The bootleg itself is vague about the recording information and only states "live 1990 on Europe tour." Fantastic quality and setlist--in fact, I'd personally rank this among the Exodus/Slayer "Ultimate Revenge" sets and Venom's Hammersmith gigs as one of my favorite live shows ever.

Rob's picture on the cover is taken from a magazine poster insert--you can see the fold line and staple holes on the cover.