Reh 81 + Revelations Of Doom
Split with Bathory, Celtic Frost, and Emperor
Track 1 - Rehearsal 1981 (?)
Track 10 - normally released studio version
Tracks 2-8 - see Celtic Frost page
Track 9 - see Emperor page
Tracks 11-16 - see Bathory page
Label unknown

1. Triumph of Death
2. Intro (Danse Macabre) - Celtic Frost
3. Into The Cryps Of Rays [sic] - Celtic Frost
4. Circle Of The Tyrants - Celtic Frost
5. Suicidal Wings [sic] - Celtic Frost
6. Visions of Mortality - Celtic Frost
7. Down Below (Dawn Of Megiddo) - Celtic Frost
8. Dethroned Emperor - Celtic Frost
9. The Ursurper [sic] (Celtic Frost cover) - Emperor
10. Revelations of Doom
11. Sacrifice - Bathory
12. The Return Of Darkness And Evil - Bathory
13. "Conan the Barbarian" intro
14. In Conspirancy With Satan [sic] - Bathory
15. Necromancy - Sacrifice [sic] - Bathory
16. Raise The Dead - Bathory

I have not been able to verify whether "Triumph of Death" is a real rehearsal track or not. It contains a lot of noise and drop-outs, but even buried under all the bad production, to me it sounds different from either of the demo versions or the "Apocalyptic Raids" version.

"Revelations Of Doom" is just the normal studio version (with lower sound-quality) that appears on the "Apocalyptic Raids" CD-reissues and the "Death Metal" compilation LP.

Satanic Rites
"Satanic Rites" Demo Dec. 1983
Hellhammer Maniac Records
1. Intro
2. Messiah
3. The Third Of The Storms
4. Buried And Forgotten
5. Maniac
6. Euronymous
7. Triumph Of Death
8. Revelations Of Doom
9. Reaper
10. Satanic Rites
11. Crucifixion
12. Outro

There are several versions of this bootleg on CD, including several older presses on "Gulliver Smith Records" with various disc color variants, and a version (of Greek origin, I believe) with an outer slipcase, using a negative image of art from the original demo on the cover. I think only the newer bootlegs used the winged demon demo art on the cover, and the older ones have this color "queen"/fantasy artwork shown above.

The intro and outro are unlisted, and are parts of "Triumph Of Death" and "Revelations of Doom" respectively, played back at about half-speed.

"The Third of the Storms" is actually shortened very slightly. If you've heard the original ugly-colored LP boot of "Satanic Rites," there's a bad drop-out during the repeating riff cycle right before the vocals start. So it looks like the CD version was sourced from the vinyl and the bootlegger decided to edit out the sound defect. I believe the other versions of the CD are also this way (this might be a problem with the original tape, as even the official "Demon Entrails" version of the song is also this way!).

The back insert states this was recorded live in Switzerland, and the false idea that this is from kind of Hellhammer live concert STILL persists.

Triumph Of Death
Tracks taken from "Death Fiend"
and "Triumph Of Death" 1983 demo recording sessions
Label Unknown
1. Angel Of Destruction
2. Crucifixion
3. Ready For Slaughter
4. Death Fiend
5. When Hell's Near
6. Chainsaw
7. Sweet Torment
8. Hammerhead
9. Blood Insanity
10. Reaper
11. Maniac
12. Triumph Of Death
13. Bloody Pussies
(+ beginning of Power Of Satan)
14. Power Of Satan (continued)
15. Decapitator
16. Dark Warriors
17. Metallic Storm

There's also a later slipcase version for this bootleg that uses artwork from the original demo on the cover.

Note that this CD (and virtually all other known "Triumph of Death" bootlegs, both on CD and vinyl) is missing the original Bach Toccata and Fugue in D Minor organ intro.

Obviously sourced from vinyl due to the surface noise.

"Power of Satan" begins at 5:15 on track 13 and flows continually into the rest of the song on track 14. You may recognize the main riff from a later metal classic...