Death Cult
Tracks 1-4 - "Death Cult" demo 1986
Track 5 - from "Doomsday News" comp.
Track 6 - from "Doomsday News II" comp, May 1988
Label unknown
1. Spectators Of Sin
2. Spiral Dream
3. Aerial Combat
4. The Invincible
5. Arrogance In Uniform
6. Hate, Fire, Blood

Tracks 1-4 feature vocals by Tom G. Warrior. "Aerial Combat" is instrumental except for a single trademark "Ooooh!"

Tracks 5-6 are unreleased tracks from Noise Records' "Doomsday News" compilations. The bootleg notes that they are bonus tracks but gives no info about them. The "Doomsday News" comp. itself gives no specific date information about the recording of "Arrogance in Uniform," but since it was recorded at Musiclab with Harris Johns and the comp. itself is from '88, it's probably from (or around the time of) the recording sessions for the "R.I.P" album.

The original bootleg CD was re-bootlegged a couple of times, including a version with live bonus tracks, and there has since been an official CD reissue of the demo.