Curse Of The Undead (Gatefold sleeve)
Rotterdam, Holland, Mar. 1, 1997
"Legion" Tour
Land Of The Rising Sun Records
1. Intro
2. The Black Tormentor Of Satan
3. Those Of The Unlight
4. Darkness It Shall Be
5. Still Fucking Dead [sic]
6. Sulphur Souls
7. Wolves
8. Beyond The Grace Of God
9. Departure From The Mortals
10. The Sun Has Failed
11. Dracul Va Domni Din Nou In Transilvania
12. Legion
13. Dark Endless

Also released on LP. CD comes in a gatefold cardboard sleeve. The specific recording date is not given.

Poor audience recording with tape hiss. The drums and vocals come through relatively clearly, but during most of the later songs, the blasting drums overpower the guitars. They had already started doing the boring hyperfast stuff by now, so I find this bootleg pretty uninteresting (much like most Marduk studio material, actually). Only for die-hard fans or if you want to spend whatever money this will cost you to hear some poor-quality early tracks live.

Since this is on "Land of the Rising Sun Records" (same as the Mayhem/Morbid split), probably another Bull Metal bootleg.

Day Of Darkness - Warriors of Italy 1998
Babylonia Club, Ponderano, Biella, Italy, Oct. 28, 1998
Label unknown (HO20 on disc)
Given tracklisting: Correct tracklisting:
1. Intro: Of Hell's Fire 1. Intro/Of Hells Fire
2. Still Fucking Dead 2. Still Fucking Dead
3. The Black Tormentor Of Satan 3. Intro/The Black Tormentor Of Satan
4. On Darkened Wings 4. On Darkened Wings
5. Sulphur Souls 5. The Appearance of Spirits of Darkness/
Sulphur Souls
6. Dracul Va Domni Din Nou In
6. Dracole Wayda
7. Slay The Nazarene 7. Intro/Slay The Nazarene
8. Materialized In Stone 8. Materialized In Stone
9. Legion 9. Legion
10. Departure From The Mortals 10. Intro/Departure From The Mortals
-- -- 11. Outro

Bootleg gives no recording information beyond what is already mentioned in the title.

There are several intros/interludes/samples during the set. The track 1 intro is an excerpt from Wagner's Ride of the Valkyries. I don't recognize the track 3 intro but it sounds like some slightly industrial soundtrack piece. The "Sulphur Souls" intro is just the "The Appearance of Spirits of Darkness" intro from the "Opus Nocturne" album. At the end of track 6, some music from The Omen plays, which continues into track 7. This eventually segues into the song's normal intro (the "I believe in the life eternal..." sample from The Wicker Man). The track 10 intro includes the audio from the "Let Jesus fuck you" scene from The Exorcist.

At 0:59 and 1:08 of track 5, intro bits begin to spontaneously play for just a moment during "Sulphur Souls." I'm assuming there was some sort of brief problem with some of the pre-recorded intros they were using; they play the song normally through both interruptions. Track 11 is just Legion thanking the crowd.

Excellent sound clarity. The audio is lacking a bit in power, but everything is clear and the instruments aren't overpowering each other even during the faster songs.