A Tribute To The Black Emperors
Split with Mayhem
Tracks 1-4 - "December Moon" demo Dec. 1987
Tracks 5-8 - see Mayhem page
Warhammer Records Lust3
1. My Dark Subconscious
2. Winds Of Funera [sic]
3. From The Dark
4. Disgusting Semla
5. The Freezing Moon - Mayhem
6. Necrolust - Mayhem
7. Funeral Fog - Mayhem
8. Carnage (unlisted) - Mayhem

I think it's no exaggeration to say the various versions of this bootleg were almost singlehandedly responsible for generating interest in Morbid.

In addition to various vinyl versions, there was an earlier CD version of this bootleg on Land of the Rising Sun Records--as that's another Bull Metal label, the Warhammer version is more of a repress than a knock-off.

Crucifix Masturbation
Tracks 1-4 - "December Moon" demo Dec. 1987
Tracks 5-13 - live Birkagården, Stockholm, Sweden,
Oct. 23, 1987
Beyond of Death Records 001
1. My Dark Subconscious
2. Winds Of Funeral [sic]
3. From The Dark
4. Disgusting Semla
5. Intro - Crucifix Masturbation
6. My Dark Subconscious
7. Deathexecution
8. Wings Of Funeral
9. Citythrasher
10. Necrodead
11. Tragic Dream
12. Disgusting Semla
13. From The Dark

Bottom of the disc has been scratched to hide the CD pressing info.

During the intro a certain part (easy to guess, based on the title...) from The Exorcist is played over the PA. There are gaps between the live tracks.

Just a bootleg rehash of stuff that was already rereleased on CD officially, although the sound quality is better than on the older bootlegs. Booklet contains error-filled lyrics that mostly seem to be taken from Metal-archives.

December Moon/Into The Abyss
Split with Poison
Tracks 1-4 - Poison "Into The Abyss" demo Dec. 1986
Track 5 - ? (From LP version of "December Moon")
Tracks 6-9 - Morbid "December Moon" Demo dec. 1987
Label unknown

1. Sphinx - Poison
2. Yog Sothoth - Poison
3. Slaves (Of The Crucifix) - Poison
4. Alive (Undead) - Poison
5. Tragic Dream - Morbid
6. My Dark Subconscious - Morbid
7. Wings Of Funeral - Morbid
8. From The Dark - Morbid
9. Disgusting Semla

+ Trailer Deathexecution - Morbid

Supposedly released by Panos/Unisound. Both demos seem to be sourced from their respective mid-90s LP reissues (the booklet also includes the liner note essays from the vinyl versions).

Although the regular Morbid demo tracks aren't hard to find elsewhere, this bootleg does include the "Tragic Dream" intro from the LP version, which is not included on the official CD reissue or any of the other bootlegs. Although Morbid did play a slightly modified version of this intro live, it doesn't seem to have been part of the original demo, and I'm unsure where exactly it comes from. The bootleg cover is the Kris Verwimp art from the LP version.

From The Dark
Tracks 1-4 - "December Moon" demo Dec. 1987
Tracks 5-7 - "Last Supper..." demo 1988
Tracks 8-9 - recording from "Last Supper..." sessions
Tracks 10-18 - live Birkagården, Stockholm, Sweden,
Oct. 23, 1987
Demon Seed Records
Given tracklisting: Correct tracklisting:
1. My Dark Subconscious 1. My Dark Subconscious
2. Wings Of Funeral 2. Wings Of Funeral
3. From The Dark 3. From The Dark
4. Disgusting Selma/
Death Execution (Trailer)
4. Disgusting Semla
5. Sickness Of Humanity 5. Sickness Of Humanity
6. Beyond The Last Midnight 6. Beyond The Last Midnight
7. Terror! 7. Terror!!/The Bond Tune
8. The Bond Tune 8. Frontline Action
9. Frontline Action 9. Frontline Action
10. Intro-Crucifix Masturbation 10. Intro
11. My Dark Subconscious 11. My Dark Subconscious
12. Death Execution 12. Death Execution
13. Wings Of Funeral 13. Wings Of Funeral
14. City Thrasher 14. Citythrasher
15. Necrodead 15. Necrodead
16. Tragic Dream 16. Tragic Dream
17. Disgusting Selma 17. Disgusting Semla
18. From The Dark 18. From The Dark

The two versions of "Frontline Action" are actually the same recording; the first one is a bit longer and has 4 drum beats at the beginning that lead into the song. It's also slightly better in quality.

Live From The Past
Tracks 1, 10 - from "December Moon" demo Dec. 1987
Tracks 2-5 - Rehearsal 1987 (July 8 or August 7????)
Tracks 6-9 - live Birkagården, Stockholm, Sweden,
Oct. 23, 1987
From The Dark Production LFTP 001
Limited to 666 hand-numbered copies
1. My Dark Subconsious [sic]
2. Death Execution [sic]
3. Necrodeath [sic]
4. Wings Of Funeral
5. From The Dark
6. My Dark Subconsious [sic]
7. Necrodeath [sic]
8. Disgusting Semla
9. From The Dark
10. Wings Of Funeral

I'm not sure if there was another pressing of this bootleg, although the numbering style varies. The first copy of this I bought (immediately when I saw it was available) had the copy number over 666 in red ink. Later I came across copies numbered only 10 units later, but the numbering style had changed to just having the copy number alone in black--obviously numbered by someone else than the first copy. I've also heard unnumbered copies are floating around. So it's unclear whether the bootlegger actually pre-numbered any of the copies himself.

The rehearsal tracks are listed as being from "870807." I've seen conflicting info about the date order. These may be the same rehearsal as the first part of the official "Death Execution" LP.

The live tracks are dated September 1987 on the bootleg, but these are the same Birkagården gig as the "Live In Stockholm" CD. The show is incomplete here, there are fadeouts between tracks, and the sound is much worse than the official CD.

Live In Stockholm ("Live 1n Stockholm")
Tracks 1-9 - live Birkagården, Stockholm, Sweden,
Oct. 23, 1987
Tracks 10-12 - live Ultrahuset, Handen, Sweden
Feb. 26, 1988
Label unknown
Given tracklisting: Correct tracklisting:
1. Intro-Crucifix Masturbation 1. Intro
2. My Dark Subconciuos 2. My Dark Subconscious
3. Deathexecution 3. Deathexecution
4. Wings Of Funeral 4. Wings Of Funeral
5. Citythrasher 5. Citythrasher
6. Necrodead 6. Necrodead
7. Tragic Dream 7. Tragic Dream
8. Disgusting Semla 8. Disgusting Semla
9. From The Dark 9. From The Dark
10. Disgusting Semla 10. From The Dark
11. Deathexecution 11. Disgusting Semla
12. From The Dark 12. Deathexecution

Not to be confused with the official "Live in Stockholm" CD that uses the same cover, this bootleg contains the same Birkagården show, but also adds 3 additional live tracks that were originally pressed on the "Death Execution III" 7". The CD spines list the title as "Live 1n Stockholm" but the disc print has the proper title.

I cannot verify the recording info for tracks 10-12, although it's the same as on the EP. Track 10 fades out and track 11 fades in (also as on the original vinyl).

Mortem/Morbid Split
Tracks 1-5 - Mortem "Slow Death" EP 1990
(re-release of 1989 demo)
Tracks 6-12 - live Sweden, Nov. 20, 1988(?)
Tracks 13-15 - "Last Supper..." demo 1988
Tracks 16-19 - "December Moon" demo Dec. 1987
Heritage Recs
Given tracklisting: Correct tracklisting:
1. Intro/Mutilated Corpse 1. Intro/Mutilated Corpse - Mortem
2. Milena (The Very Beast) 2. Milena "The Very Best" - Mortem
3. Slow Death 3. Slow Death - Mortem
4. Agonized To Suicide 4. Agonized To Suicide - Mortem
5. Nightmare 5. Nightmare - Mortem
6. My Dark Subconscious 6. My Dark Subconscious
7. Frontline Action 7. Frontline Action
8. Unreleased Song 8. Beyond The Last Midnight
9. Wings Of Funeral 9. Wings Of Funeral
10. Unreleased Song 10. Citythrasher
11. Unreleased Song 11. Sickness Of Humanity (partial)
12. Disgusting Semla 12. Disgusting Semla/Deathexecution
13. Sickness Of Humanity 13. Sickness Of Humanity
14. Beyond The Last Midnight 14. Beyond The Last Midnight
15. Terror (The Bound Tune) 15. Terror!!/The Bond Tune
16. My Dark Subconscious 16. My Dark Subconscious
17. Wings Of Funeral 17. Wings Of Funeral
18. From The Dark 18. From The Dark
19. Disgusting Semla 19. Disgusting Semla

A small patch of the underside of the CD has been blacked out with permanent marker to hide some of the pressing info.

The live tracks are from the post-Dead era of the band, with John Berger. The Nov. 20 date is what's listed on the bootleg, but I cannot confirm it. This is not the '88 show that's more well-known from video footage, although the live pics in the booklet and on the disc face seem to be from that video. There are gaps between all live tracks.

The live version of "Wings of Funeral" has a false start.

Track 11 starts out with the beginning of "Sickness...," then at 0:32 the audio stops for a moment and jumps to the solo section of the song, which then finishes normally.

The live version of "Deathexecution" only lasts about a minute, and there are hardly any lyrics. It's not the longer, full version like Dead performed, but it's still longer than the short riff outro from the end of the "December Moon" demo.

At 0:43 of track 15, the right channel drops in and out briefly.