Los Angeles 1990
Split with Bruce Dickinson
Tracks 10-17 - Third Annual Concrete Foundations Forum,
Los Angeles, CA, Sept. 13, 1990

Tracks 1-9 - see Bruce Dickinson page
Live Storm LSCD 51156
1. Riding With The Angels (Russ Ballard cover) - Bruce Dickinson
2. Born In '58 - Bruce Dickinson
3. Lickin' The Gun - Bruce Dickinson
4. Hell On Wheels - Bruce Dickinson
5. All The Young Dudes (Mott The Hoople cover)
- Bruce Dickinson
6. Tattooed Millionaire - Bruce Dickinson
7. Sin City (AC/DC cover) - Bruce Dickinson
8. Wishing Well (Free cover) - Bruce Dickinson
9. Black Night (Deep Purple cover) - Bruce Dickinson
10. Riding On The Wind
11. Grinder
12. Heading Out To The Highway
13. Between The Hammer And The Anvil [sic]
14. Better By You Better Than Me (Spooky Tooth cover)
15. Leather Rebel
16. Hell Bent For Leather
17. You've Another Thing Coming [sic]

This bootleg was originally released in 1991 on the Post Script label. This Live Storm '94 press is a reissue. The covers and general layout are pretty much the same, but there are differences in the spines, the CD press information on the back insert, and the on-disc printing.

The title of the bootleg is the only recording info you get--the specific location and date are not given.

Historically significant show, as this was the band's first show with Scott Travis, as well as the first time in 12 years they'd played "Better By You, Better Than Me" (Halford comments about the suicide trial in the stage banter). Rob was also a speaker at the Foundations Forum itself.

This show was broadcast on KNAC, and it's probable many bootlegs from this gig were sourced from the broadcast. Two songs from this gig were later officially released on the remastered Judas Priest CDs--"Better By You, Better Than Me" is on the "Stained Class" remaster, and "Leather Rebel" is on the "Painkiller" remaster.

The show is incomplete--tracks have been cut out (you can notice a few edits here and there between tracks) and I think the order has been slightly rearranged. "Bloodstone," "The Green Manalishi...," and "Living After Midnight" are missing.

These same tracks are also on the "California Burning" 2CD. Longer versions of the show are available on the "L.A. Nights," "Priests of Pain," and 2CD "The Complete Painkiller Tour" bootlegs.

If you're not interested in the Bruce Dickinson half, this is a rather poor bootleg, as all of the Priest stuff here is available on other bootlegs that either have more songs from the gig or have other Priest live material. Even the artwork is generic, and there are no photos or Priest related-graphics aside from their modified logo.